Wednesday May 22: Level 2 ride at 7:00pm

This ride is cancelled due to inclement weather being forecast.
NHCC Level 2 This route is 17k long and not too terribly challenging. (hint: next week we will be adding 5k to the distance) No worries about keeping up with the crowd—It’s a no-drop ride, we work together as a group and help each other along. We’re getting you ready to take on a level 3 at some point this summer if you so choose (or not—your choice).

Lights on your bike: The Highway Traffic Act requires that cyclists have lights on their bikes beginning 30 minutes before sunset. That means white lights on the front and red ones on the back. If you aren’t quite sure what to put on your bike, talk to a few others on the ride and see what they’ve got. Just like in your car, it increases your visibility on the road by having your rear red light on at all times.

Start Time: 7:00pm
Start Location: The park on Carlisle St. between Ewing and Westwood
Ride Difficulty: Level 2
Sunset: 8:39 (Lights required on bikes at 8:09pm)
Route Map: Printable route map with elevations or, View the link on Ride with GPS
Ride leader: Mike McLellan

See you all then!


  1. Sorry guys but I forgot that I had an honour & awards funtion to attend at the Cobourg Legion tonight
    Have a good ride

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