Thursday Aug. 1st EVENING Ride option 6:30pm (42k)

In case you can’t make it to the morning ride, there’s the Evening option but with just one start time and location. The only difference between the Level 3 and 4 will be pace, so choose accordingly. The days are definitely getting shorter so it’s essential you now have lights on your bikes for evening rides. The law requires them starting 30 minutes prior to Sunset which is why we have that handy link over in the right hand column of the website and why post the time of Sunset for longer evening rides.

Start Time:6:30pm sharp
Start Location: The cemetery at Precious Corners (park along side of road)
Route Map: Printable Route map with elevation chart or, if you are equipped with a GPS View the link on Ride with GPS
Lights Required at: 8:05pm (Sunset: 8:35pm)

The Thursday Evening Ride doesn’t provide a ride leader. Taking part in the Thursday evening ride option requires that all riders be equipped with a map, tools for replacing a flat tire should you find yourself in such an unfortunate circumstance and make an effort to ensure that you have someone to ride with. (The Buddy System!) Use the commenting section to let others know you are riding.

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  1. The map has been replaced now with a new one, so please use the one provided. If anyone knows of the conditions of Ball St., please comment and let us know. We may have to detour if it’s still under construction.

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