NHCC Ride Leader Training starts next week

Thank you to all who signed up a couple of months ago to lead rides for the NHCC. The Training and Safety team has put together some training dates for you to choose from, to get you ready to roll. Think you might like to lead but missed signing up? It’s not too late. Just leave us a comment or shoot us an email and we’ll add you to the list.

Here’s what you need to know:

PART 1: NHCC Ride Leader Safety Training (Theory): Mandatory for ride leaders who have never taken either an NHCC Safety Training course or CanBike2. Optional (but recommended) for those with safety training but would like a refresher. We have two different evenings to pick from. (Bicycles not required).

Location: 8303 Smylie Rd. Cobourg
Tuesday April 24, 6:30-8:30pm (Instructors: Maria and Geoffrey)
Wednesday April 25, 6:30-8:30pm (Instructors: Roberto and Anita)

Use the form below to let us know which date you can come, or just leave us a comment….that works too!

Ride Leader Safety Training Date

PART 2: Practical Group Ride: This important portion is for ALL ride leaders, even the most experienced. We will cover what needs to happen before, during and after a ride, Accident reporting, Ride levels and what to expect, just to name a few.

Location: Cycle Transitions new location (390 King St. W)
Date: Saturday May 5, 2018 10:00-11:30
Alternate Date: If you need an alternate because you just can’t make it, please email to let Anita know and we’ll establish an alternative date. nhcycling2010@gmail.com

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15 Responses to NHCC Ride Leader Training starts next week

  1. BruceB says:

    See you on April 24 and May 5

  2. Allan Dennis says:

    Hi Anita, please sign me up for a refresher on Wed 25 Apr. Unfortunately I am unable to make the 5 May as I shall be begining my trek across this great country of ours by train! Perhaps we could discuss another time and date so that I can get the latest info etc so I can continue as a ride leader. Thanks. Allan

    • Anita Macklin says:

      No problem about the 5th. There are others who won’t be able to make it either, so once we know all who are involved we’ll work on an alternative date for that group.

  3. rich ross says:

    Hi Anita, having gone through this course once am I required to complete it again?

    • Anita Macklin says:

      Hey Rich, it’s not a requirement if you’ve already taken it, but it’s a good idea to come out for a refresher! But we won’t make you! 🙂

  4. Pam Tate says:

    I can attend the Wednesday the 25th evening refresher course but am not available for the May 5th practical. Allan and I (and perhaps others) can coordinate to do that at a later date.

  5. Pam Tate says:

    Thank you for organizing this Anita!

  6. Raff Melito says:

    I am in for Wed April 25th, but wishy washy on May5th. I may have to opt for the alt date for Part 2.

  7. David Hutzel says:

    David & Carol will attend on Tuesday.

  8. Shabbir Maju says:

    It is a maybe for me on Tuesday April 24. Thank you for organizing it Anita and Randy.

  9. Anita Macklin says:

    We’ll see you all tonight! It’ll be a densely packed information evening so we’ll get started at 6:30 sharp. Down in the Person Cave. Let me know if anyone needs the address

  10. Janine says:

    Can I join may 5 – 10 to 1130

  11. Dennis says:

    Unfortunately I am unable to make the 5 May. Will need an alternate date.

  12. Raff Melito says:

    The wishy washy-ness has passed and I can now make it to Ride Leader training tomorrow if there is still space available ?

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