Sunday, June 10th – Long Club Ride 70+km

This Sunday we will head north to Harwood on Rice Lake.  There are lots of beautiful views and quiet roads on this route. This route is called a ‘ramble’ so there may be stops along the way for photos, butter tarts or a quick lunch. This will be a 75 km ride, maybe more depending on our stops.

Start Time: 9:00 am
Start Location: Donegan Park
Ride Co-ordinator: Debbie Parks
Route: Rice Lake Ramble (Medium) printable map or  link to ride on GPS

Next Sunday, June 17th is Father’s Day and we will do a much shorter and flatter route from Port Hope (less than 40km). Stay tuned….
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6 Responses to Sunday, June 10th – Long Club Ride 70+km

  1. Raff Melito says:

    Hoping that both Carson and I will be there !

  2. Dawn says:

    I’m finally able to plan to be there.

  3. Deanna says:

    Count me in!

  4. Doug Yates says:

    Should be be ok to ride.

  5. Tara Wilson says:

    I’ll be there!

  6. Deena jilesen says:

    Looking forward to it! 😊

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