Level 4 rides: Tuesday Sept. 11 and Thurs Sept. 13

Tuesday Sept. 11: Level 4 ride (90min)

The forecast may be rainy, but if it remains clear we’ll ride. There’s no ride leader for Tuesday night so the ride will be self-led by those who come out. Keeping it simple—meet at Kings Field in Port Hope and head westbound on the Waterfront Trail for 45 minutes and return. That’s makes for 90 minutes of riding at the speed you like!
Start time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:29pm
Route: no map required, take Waterfront Trail West
Start location: Kings Field, Port Hope (Victoria St.)

Thursday Sept. 13: Level 4 ride (39k)

The forecast indicates warmth is returning on Thursday so to make it that much more fun it’s Big Hilly Ride night! That means Bickle Hill and some little Jamieson Twins just to make it even better. Don’t let a few little hills scare ya! There are a few downhills to get excited about too!
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:24pm
Route map: “37K Bickle and the Jamiesons B” route map link to Ride with GPS
Start location: The Dog Park on Ontario St.

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