Level 4 ride: Thursday May 2

Randy AlbonMeet your Ride Coordinator: Randy Albon
Randy is one of the founding members of the NHCC, the one who laid down the fun-fitness-and-friendship philosophy for the Club. He has extensive cycle touring experience, volunteers with the Bicycle Action Committee of Sustainable Cobourg and is a past president of the NHCC.

Many have not been on bikes since Fall, so we’ll start out easy with a 37k on Thursday. We are going to build more strength and increase endurance as the season progresses. Please ensure that you have a front and a rear light on your bike.

What to expect on Level 4 rides:  faster!  This is the level for those who like to ride fast and climb a few hills. There is a “ride leader” present on the ride but participants will set a pace according to the groups wishes and there is no cap on speed.

  • Road bikes are required
  • Participants should be comfortable riding in a group formation, both single file and two-abreast
  • No one gets dropped. However, those wishing to push the pace may do so!
  • Distance for evening rides begin around 35km and increases , up to 55km for evening rides and 100km+ for daytime rides
  • Speed (pace) will be set by group consensus and may vary
  • Participants are expected to have access to the route map and be able to navigate

Thursday May 2nd, Level 4

Ride leader: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30pm
Sunset: 8:15pm
Route map: (37k) It's all Downhill from Here: route map on Ride with GPS
Start location: Donegan Park on D'Arcy St.


  1. Level 4 ride is still on for tonight! Dress warm….we’ll need it! I’m leading tonights ride due to Randy being taken out by a nasty cold.

    • Sorry to say Anita, I did my ride earlier today so I won’t be joining you…but I quite enjoyed it…pretty much the same as this except I went up Massey to St. Anne’s and back along Community Centre Rd. Little wind to speak of but it was still chilly so dressing warm is a good idea…enjoy🙂

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