Level 4 Rides: Sept. 10 and 12

Level 4: Tuesday Sept. 10

This Tuesday night is self-navigated but simple. Meet at the Industrial Park on Wilmott St. for 6:00 and follow the Waterfront Trail eastbound for 45 minutes then return. It’s an opportunity to give it all you got and get some speed going (or not). 

Start time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:31pm
Route: no map required, take Waterfront Trail Eastbound
Start location: Industrial Park on Wilmott St.

Level 4: Thursday Sept. 12

We have lost 13 minutes of daylight in just one week! We have exactly one hour and 27 minutes to ride! Enough to squeeze in the same route as last Thursday except this time we will do it in reverse just to be a little different. See how our time and speed compares to the other direction!

Ride Leader: To be determined (any volunteers?)
Start time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:27 pm
Route map:  (35km) “Kennedy, Beavermeadow, Harwood Rd. (reversed)” link to map on Ride with GPS
Elevation: 332m
Start location: Hamilton Township Offices

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  1. There will be no designated ride leader for tonight’s ride, so if you are riding you’ll need to plan on self-navigation. Hope to see you all next!

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