Advance Notice of the Level 3 Urban Ride Weekend (Toronto)

For planning purposes, this is an early notice that on the weekend of August 21 we are developing a two-day Level 3 urban riding event that will see us riding in Toronto, exploring the fabulous cycling paths, trails and urban routes that the city has to offer. 

Getting there

  • GO Train: Park at the Oshawa GO station where we could board the train with bicycles, then we assemble in front of Union Station for the ride start at 12:00noon.
  • Driving: If anyone prefers to drive, the ride will start in front of Union Station on Front Street.


We have some preliminary routes worked out.  These may change of course, but it gives an overview of what to expect!

Overnight Option

With two days of riding, some participants may decide to make independent arrangements for overnight accommodation making it a great getaway! Once we know how many are coming, we’ll circulate the list so that people can choose to make plans with others.

**COVID requirement: All participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID in order to participate.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the comment feature to let us know!

RSVP: Please submit your name to if you are interested (no commitment yet)


  1. After looking at COVID numbers for past several days, Fran and I have decided we do not want to be in Toronto for 3 days (we were looking at staying over Sunday night as well), so I am backing away from both weekend rides. Regrettably.

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