Sunday July 4: Exploring Cobourg’s Nooks and Crannies

This is 23km exploration Slow Ride that’s pretty much flat as a pancake. We’ll weave in and out of all the less commonly travelled areas! Crushed limestone paths, bike paths, trails, side roads, detours. This is not about building mileage or speed….it’s about going where we go, seeing what we see, making some of it up as we go, looking at things, stopping and just discovering our own little town. Although there’s a general route in mind, we will hopefully veer off from time to time to see new things! Bring a few $$ in case we happen to find ice cream along the way.

Start time: 10:00am
Ride Planner: Randy Albon
Start location: Westwood Park (on Carlisle, between Westwood and Ewing)

Terrain: A
Pace: Slow (exploration pace!)
Type of ride: Group

RSVP: We need to know how many to expect (COVID gathering limits apply) You can RSVP two different ways.

  • Leave a comment right on the website to say you are coming, or
  • Visit the NHCC Ride Calendar, click on the ride you are interested in, then click RSVP . 

ICYMI: We’ve got rides both Thursday and Friday!

Just a reminder that there are two rides tomorrow evening! There’s also the Friday Floater ride as well! In case you missed it, here are the details:

1. Easy/Beginner Ride 
Date: Thursday Evening, June 24, 6:00pm
Ride Planner: Dennis Benson
Terrain: A
Pace: Slow/Leisurely (Level 1/2)
Type of ride: Group
Start location: Donegan Park, D’Arcy St., Cobourg

2. Building Mileage Ride
Date: Thursday Evening, June 24, 6:00pm
Ride Planner: Anita Macklin
Terrain: C
Pace: Moderate (Level 3)
Type of ride: Regroup
Start location: Westwood Park, on Carlisle between Ewing and Westwood

3. Friday Floater Ride
Date: Friday Afternoon, June 25, 1:00pm
Ride Planner: Randy Albon
Terrain: C
Pace: Moderate (Level 3)
Type of ride: Regroup
Start location: Hastings, Corner of Water St. & Bridge St., across from Subway

RSVP: It’s important that we know how many people will ride.  You can RSVP two different ways.

  • Leave a comment right here on the website to say you are coming, or
  • If you have a Ride With GPS account (and know how to use it!) you can use the Event RSVP feature.  

More Rides for this coming week! Go fast, or go slow…choose your ride!

We have added two more rides to this week’s calendar (Tuesday is a busy day!).  In addition to the previously announced rides that can all be found on the Club Ride Calendar, we have just added the following:

Presqu’ile and Murray Canal (Tuesday June 22, Morning)
For the EASY riders in the NHCC, we have the Presqu’ile – Murray Canal ride. It’s flat and it’s easy! We would start off from the harbour at the end of Ontario St. in Brighton and ride through the Park for the level one’s. (16 km) . Those wishing for a little more distance can carry on to the Murray Canal and back. (another 16 km—for a total of 32)

Date/Time: Tuesday June 22, 10:00am
Ride Planner: Dennis Benson
Terrain: A
Pace: Leisurely – Speeds approximately 18-22 kph
Type of ride: Group
Start location: Ontario St. Dock, in Brighton (Near Presqu’ile Park)

South Shore of Rice Lake (Tuesday June 22, Morning)
An interesting ride along the south shore of Rice Lake and ride through the three towns. Lovely countryside along the way. Good way to build up some kilometres and climbs. This will be a “Regroup Ride”, meaning we might spread out, and regroup at specific points along the way. This route can be shortened as needed.

Date/Time: Tuesday June 22, 10:00am
Ride Planner: Helmut Bock
Terrain: C
Pace: Moderate, approx 20-23 kph
Type of ride: Regroup
Start location: Balls Mill Conservation Area Parking lot

How to RSVPOkay folks, this is important! Ride Planners need to know how many to anticipate so that they can arrange additional ride leaders if needed.  Also, just as importantly, other club members like to hear about others who will be riding  so they know they won’t be alone! Please leave a comment right here on the website, to let others know that you plan to ride and which ride you want to participate in!

Find all the Week’s rides and the details: Rides get posted on the Club’s Ride Calendar first.  After that, we post a message on the website announcing those rides.  The Club Ride Calendar can always be found on the NHCC website!  

Notice of change: 100km ride moved to Saturday

Hey everyone, we get that it’s Fathers this weekend….and the weather was previously thought to be rainy on Saturday, but alas the weather man has a changed his mind. Saturday looks wonderful, so we’re switching the 100km ride to Saturday. Don’t forget to RSVP if you are planning to ride.  Visit the NHCC Ride Calendar, click the ride you want to participate in, then click RSVP.  Easy easy!

100km Ride on Sunday (and a time change for next weeks rides)

Sunday June 20th: Helmut has a Fathers Day ride planned for Sunday, since it appears to be the best day in the forecast.  It’s 100km, for you endurance riders! It’s a 9:00 start so that you can be back in time for dinner!

For ride planning purposes, its important that anyone planning to participates RSVP so that the Ride Planner can anticipate numbers.

How to RSVP to a ride:

  1. Find your ride on the Club’s Ride Calendar.
  2. Click on the Ride you wish to participate in. The information will pop up and you should see an RSVP button that you can click. Alternatively, leave a comment, we’ll count you in!

Note—New changes to next week’s rides:  There are changes to the previously announced Tuesday and Thursday rides next week, the most important of which is that they will take place in the Evenings at 6:00, rather than morning.  All the details are on the Club’s Ride Calendar!

Dust off those bikes! We ride on Tuesday

We just can't pass up the opportunity to ride with the forecast showing 13 and sunny! For COVID19 reasons, the club will be making efforts to keep groups small. Multiple rides on the same day helps, and that's what we have in mind for Tuesday. A few housekeeping items first:

The necessaries

  • As with all things affected by COVID, so too will our rides be. COVID Protocols are in place and all members should familiarize themselves with them.
  • All members must have signed and returned a completed COVID Waiver.  If you didn't receive and return yours, please email us and let us know. We'll get it out to you zippy zap fast.
  • For the purposes of contact tracing, All riders must RSVP when you wish to join a ride. (see below)
  • Ride Planners reserve the right to limit numbers on their rides, so be careful to note if there is a maximum number of participants on a given ride.
  • Unfortunately, Guests are not permitted to ride with the NHCC for the time being. (sorry)
  • We have a new structure for how we define rides! Check it out!

NEW: How to RSVP for a ride (three options!)

  1. Preferred method RSVP on the Ride Calendar: Click on the Ride Calendar, double-click on your chosen ride, then in the new window that opens, locate and Click RSVP to enter your name and email
  2. Leave a comment on this post indicating the ride you will participate in.
  3. Email us via the Contact page ( of our website to indicate the ride you want to participate in.

Rides for Tuesday March 30, 2021

Date/time: Tuesday March 30th, 1:00pm
“Super Easy Sunshiny Ride” (Ride Planner: Dennis Benson)
Terrain:Pace: Slow Type of Ride: Group ride
This ride will be great for beginners! Dennis will cover some basic safety topics, then take a gentle route southward toward the lake. It will be a group ride and accommodate the speed of the slowest rider. 
Start Location: The park on Carlisle St., between Ewing and Westwood 
RSVP Required: Please use the ride calendar to sign up (maximum 5 participants)

Date/time: Tuesday March 30th, 2:00pm
“Early Season Gravel Ride” (Ride Planner: Helmut Bock)
Terrain:Pace: Slow Type of Ride: Group ride
An easy going 20-km route on the gravel roads just north of Beavermeadow Rd. Any fatter tire (greater than 35 mm) bike will do so if you have a hybrid, cross, gravel bike or mountain bike.
Start Location: Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, 9636 Beavermeadow Rd. E
RSVP Required: Please use the ride calendar to sign up

Date/time: Tuesday March 30th, 2:00pm
“Back in the Groove Ride” (Ride Planner: Anita Macklin)
Terrain:Pace: Leisurely Type of Ride: ReGroup ride
Being the first ride of the season for many, this will be a leisurely ride to work out the winter kinks, and get back in the groove. There are two routes to choose from, if you want to make it 25 or 41km in length.
Start Location: Hamilton Township Offices, Majestic Hills Road
RSVP Required: Please use the ride calendar to sign up

2020 Cycling Season—COVID Update

The Board of the NHCC has deliberated on how to move forward in our current cycling season given the current state of COVID-19.   Unfortunately, even in Stage 3 it will be difficult to offer group rides where we can maintain sufficient physical distancing without risk.  Our members’ safety is first priority and we feel there remains too much uncertainty to proceed safely with group rides for 2020.

We are therefore officially deferring all group rides, and social events to the 2021 season.

Current members are invited to benefit from using our Ride With GPS Route Library, complete with turn-by-turn audio navigation over mobile phones. We’d like to remind everyone that 2020 memberships will extend until the end of next year, 2021.


This is the 10th anniversary of the NHCC and we are recognizing the occasion with a newly designed higher visibility jersey!  There are several size options in stock right now for $80.00 (including tax). Please email or to arrange a jersey purchase. We will be accepting e-transfers or contactless debit/credit (no cash).

Stay positive, stay active and stay safe everyone!

HubBub Helmet Mirrors! Plus tips for solo riding during COVID19

HubBub Helmet Mirrors

Hey boys and girls, Randy has been in touch with Oshawa Cycling Club’s Richard Oldfield who is ordering Hub Bub Helmet Mirrors from the US for their members and has kindly extended the opportunity for NHCCers too! It’s a one-time pre-paid purchase (no returns) for just $30 CDN (contactless, e-transfer only) Available in grey, white and yellow, they attach to your helmet and are rigid and secure. Here’s how to get yours:

  • $30CDN E-transfer $30 to Randy by Sunday May 3, 9:00pm ( PREPAID orders only!
  • COLOR: The default colour will be grey unless you indicate a preference for white or yellow.
HubBub Helmet Mirror

Solo Riding during COVID19

With restrictions around group riding and the temporary suspension of our regular season, many are braving Solo Rides. In the interest of safety we have a few reminders to make your rides a little safer while on the road alone.

  • Wear bright, reflective clothing, the brighter the better! Solo riders are less visible on the road than groups. 
  • Have a red rear light on at all times (see point above!)
  • Carry a tire repair kit. Flats happen! Consider both a CO2 cartridge and also a manual pump for air.
  • Follow a route, carry a cell phone, and let someone know where you are going. To help you navigate, club members can cell phones to use the audio turn-by-turn navigation on routes from the NHCC route library on Ride with GPS. (note: routes can be downloaded for use without data!)
  • Use a rear-view mirror mounted to your helmet, glasses, or bike for added ability to see behind you.

How to use the Ride With GPS Club Account (NHCC Members only)

One benefit of NHCC membership is the turn-by-turn voice navigation available on any route from the Club’s Ride with GPS Route Library. If you are a current NHCC member, here are the instructions for how to use the feature!

If you are not yet a member, the good news is that all memberships purchased for 2020 will be valid for whatever this season may bring, PLUS extend all the way until the end of next year, 2021!

2nd Call for Ride Leaders

Okay, so maybe you were a little shy the first time around and thought “noooo….I’m not confident enough for that!”. Here’s the 2nd call for Ride Leaders! We still need more if the Club is to continue offering the variety of rides we have all come to enjoy. One area that we are hoping to develop this year is more daytime rides. We still need leaders at all levels, but could really use more for:

  • Longer daytime rides at a Level 2+ pace (New for this year if we can get enough leaders)
  • Level 4 (the non-speed-restricted group—just set a nice pace and off you go!)
  • Level 1 (the nice easy ride where you get to enjoy the scenery!)

We will get you trained and ready to go. You don’t even need to worry about planning routes—we have a library of already established routes to choose from. We’ll mentor you until you feel confident enough to lead! Really, you just need safety training and be able to maintain the appropriate pace of your chosen group. Everything else is easy peasy. Soooo….let us know if you think you can help!

If you are viewing this on a mobile device and don’t see the Form below, please visit the NHCC website.