Tuesday June 18, Level 2 Ride Starts at Westwood Park Cobourg

Due to 2 Kilometres of freshly dumped gravel we had to almost immediately abandon the Cornish Hollow ride and substitute one starting at Westwood Park Cobourg. I updated the website, but that did not send out an email about the new starting place. So I re-posted and everyone received another more recent and accurate email. The website and that second email are correct.

We are starting at 6:30 pm from Westwood Park parking lot on Carlisle st between Ewing and Westwood in Cobourg June 18. Sorry for the additional post but the website as with cancellations, has the most accurate information.


Geoffrey Level 2 Ride Co-ordinator

Level 4 Rides: June 18th and 20th

Tuesday June 18th, Level 4 (49km)

Yup, get ready for it! It’s time for Bickle Hill! It’s not so bad, we have pure sunshine forecast for Tuesday, and it’s just 401m total elevation. We’ll take it from the east end. (Ha! See…..easy! Maybe next week we’ll take it from the west end, so get ready for it!).  

Note for Level 4 rides: Please ensure that you come prepared to navigate, and be fully equipped to change a flat should one occur. 

Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:56pm
Route map: “Roads & Hills Less travelled” 49km route map link on Ride with GPS
Elevation gain: 402m
Start location: Parking lot at Cobourg Dog park on Ontario St.

Thursday June 20th, Level 4 (46k)

Yes indeed, this is a beauty route with fantastic views and plenty of rolling hills. People always say its a good route, so if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time!
Ride Leader: To Be Determined–Volunteer needed!
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:57pm
Route map: Beagle Club-Alderville Centerton Route Map Link on Ride with GPS
Elevation gain: 387m
Start location: Beagle Club Trailhead parking lot (Northumberland Forest)

Level 3 Group Ride: June 17th

Monday June 17th: Level 3 Group Ride

Lots of daylight to work with! 2 hours 26 min of available daylight to cover 40km. In the spirit of “Group Ride” we will also make sure that the group stays together. This is a nice route with some reasonable elevation that will feel really extra amazingly awesome since the sun is scheduled to shine on Monday! 
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:56pm
Elevation:  257m
Route map: 40km “Grafton East” Route map on Ride With GPS
Start location: Haldimand Memorial (Grafton) Arena

Level 2 Rides Tues June 18 and Thurs June 20

Tues June 18, Level 2 Ride: Cobourg Westwood

We will take advantage of the weather forecast to head out and up Theatre Rd to Dale Road and east to Division and back down a glorious downhill back into town using Oliver’s Lane and Ontario St. I will be wearing a Hi-Vis wind jacket and cargo pants. Please chime in if you plan to ride.

Start Time: 6:30
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Westwood Park Cobourg, Carlisle between Ewing and Westwood

Thurs June 20, Level 2 Ride: Pt. Hope King’s Field Waterfront Trail

Pam Tate will be leading us in Port Hope. Here is her description: “We will meet at King’s Field and repeat the ride we did last Tuesday, heading west on Lakeshore Rd for an out-and-back ride. Depending on the wind and the desires of the group, we may add a little loop part way back. Don’t forget water bottles and helmets!” Please chime in using the comment section if you plan to ride.

Start Time: 6:30pm
Ride Leader: Pam Tate
Start Location: King’s Field parking lot, Victoria St. Port Hope

Level 1 Rides: Mon June 17 and Wed June 19

Mon June 17, Level 1 Ride

Tonight’s ride will start in the parking lot behind the Dutch Oven. We will head west along the board walk to Monk’s Cove and beyond.

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start Location: Parking lot behind the Dutch Oven, Cobourg

Wednesday June 19

Please note that there is an All Levels Ride on Wednesday. Ride details for Wednesday can be found here.

Sunday, June 16th – Annual Memorial Ride

Please join us on Sunday, June 16th as we will ride to honour the memory of NHCC club members who have passed. At the start of the ride we collect voluntary donations for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in honour of Mike Sonosky. We will also remember former NHCCers Sharon Ingle and David Pollack.

The route: It’s a simple out-and-back along the Waterfront Trail Eastbound so there are no route maps or ride leaders needed. We will break into groups according to ability and everyone can ride as long (or short) as desired. Make it an easy 25k, or go all the way to the lighthouse in Presqu’ile Park for a 100k return trip.  Please leave a comment letting others know approximately what level of difficulty and distance you wish to ride.
Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park

ADVANCE NOTICE:  Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 23rd when Richard and Leigh Thompson are hosting a fundraising ride for the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.  There will be puppies, cycling, swimming, and a BBQ.  What more could you want? The ride will start and end at Leigh and Richard’s Home in Hastings and the route will be along the trail to Peterborough.  Please see our Facebook post for additional information or our calendar for a voluntary pledge sheet. More information to follow.

Level 4 Rides: June 11 and 12

Tuesday June 11, Level 4 (48k)

We’ll try yet again! Weather keeps postponing this nice route that takes us up Ferguson and Sully (with a few other roads in between), toward Harwood. Then we return all the way back down Harwood Rd. Hey, with 2 hours and 23 minutes we’ll have enough time to squeeze out 48km!

Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:53pm
Elevation: 404m
Route map: 48km “The Dog Park to Harwood and Back” Link to map on Ride with GPS
Start location: Parking lot at Cobourg Dog park on Ontario St.

Wednesday June 12: (44k)

This ride has been re-scheduled and now taking place on Wednesday.  It doesn’t get dark until almost 9:00! Leaves time for a 44km ride with time to spare. And since this route doesn’t have any crazy climbs, you should get a nice & speedy ride in!
Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:54pm
Elevation:  351m
Route map: 44km Camborne to Bewdley and Back Link to route on Ride with GPS
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Office