Ride: Sunday May 6: 10am in Port Hope (26, 46 or 61km)

This Sunday we’ll do the same as Thursday’s ride from the Port Hope Town Hall at 10:00am. The weather looks very promising, unlike Wednesday’s evening Easy Ride that was a washout. This normal route is 46km, starting and ending at the Port Hope Town Hall.

Shorter route (26km): When you get to Massey Rd., just continue straight through to Morrish Church Road where you can re-join the rest of the ride. Review the map in advance to see where that is.

Extended route (61km): Meet at the Canadian Tire parking lot in Cobourg at 9:30am and we’ll bike to Port Hope. (The added distance will make for about a 61km ride in total)

Please print out the route map and bring it with you if you are planning to ride.

Start time: 10:00am (in Port Hope) or 9:30am (at Canadian Tire)
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall (or Canadian Tire Cobourg)
Route map and directions: “The Osaca Odyssey” (A Ganaraska Freewheelers route)

Please comment below if you are starting in Port Hope, or if you are starting at Canadian Tire in Cobourg.


  1. I can’t make Sunday as I will be paddling. I should be dried out by then, though. (it was a wet ride home on Thursday)

    • Dennis, Vivian, Maria and I were sitting inside the Winchester Arms all toasty and dry as the rain came down. We saw you and two others go by and thought you guys must have been caught in the rain. When we left to resume the ride, the sun started to poke out! Talk about timing! 🙂

    • Hey Nelson, the route is 46km if you start in Port Hope. To make it 61k you’ve got to start at Canadian Tire at 9:30 (The ride to and from Port Hope adds up to make it 61k)
      Soooooo…..you gonna start at CT?

  2. Can’t go as I will be hiking for Hospice that day. Hope the wether is fine for both of us. Have fun!

  3. how hilly is this ? I’ve never done 60 km (except the 100 to Brighton which doesn’t count bc it was so flat – and there was lunch!!) maybe I’ll drive it tomorrow and see for myself…

    • We did it on Thursday…..the worst hills are mostly in Port Hope, heading out of town and the remaining hills are not bad. Longer slower inclines, not super steep. You can definitely do it. And, the 100k to Brighton does count! You did that one on you mountain bike which more than makes up for the flatness, girl!

  4. Due to kid-chauffer obligations, I will be starting in Port Hope. I will also be riding at a fairly quick pace because I am squeezing the ride in, between drop-off and pick-up times.

  5. I’ll be leaving from port hope as I still have Anita’s sweater and someone’s gloves in my car.
    I was lucky with the rain as it just started as I was putting the bike in my car.

  6. In anticipation of the big turnout we may get due to the great forecast weather, we will try splitting up into two or three groups:

    The NON-STOP/FAST group should head out first (These are the folks that want to get the job done!)
    The REGULAR-STOP group next (These are those who don’t mind some stops along the way to allow others to catch up)
    The LEISURELY-SCENIC riders last (These are those who might prefer a slower pace, have a map, and don’t mind taking in some scenery……or their bikes may be just heavier and slower than those lightweight road bikes that some have)

    Please think ahead about what group you might wish to ride with. If you find you can’t quite keep up with your chosen group you can always drop back and join the group behind you.

    • Excellent way to accommodate different cycling abilities and preferences!! And …it looks like an excellent day …nice and sunny! 🙂

  7. I suppose I’ll be riding in the NON-STOP/FAST group tomorrow. (Well, not too fast…..all things are relative, you know)

  8. I will ride from Canadian Tire and do the regular stop group. The weather looks very good at about 9 to 15 degrees.

  9. I would like to ride tomorrow. Did some of the route today but took the short cut . I will be riding in the Leisurely-Scenic group and will try to keep up. :o)

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