Sunday July 22nd, Ride to Harwood and Back (59 km)

Same as Thursday…..route map says 42km but we start from Donegan Park making for a total of 59km. There is a shorter option however:

Shorter route (42km): If you wish to do just 42 km, meet at the Dale Rd. for 9:20am and the regular group will arrive there at around that time and we can all head up to Harwood together if we wish.

Bring a few bucks if you want to pick up something from the Harwood Store. Re-filling water bottles with fresh cold water in Harwood is free! Gotta like that!

Start time: 9am (Long route)  9:20am (short route)
Start location: Donegan Park (Long route)  Dale Rd. store (short route)
Route map: Precious Corners to Harwood route map here

Please mention if you are coming and your intended route. (There may be slightly less riders on this one since a number of folks are taking off on a week long bike tour)


  1. I can’t be there…..neither can Randy, Liam or Luke. Hopefully the good people of our wonderful club will organize amongst ourselves and produce a ride leader. 🙂

  2. I will do the long route. If anyone would like to make this a longer route…add a few km’s let me know…I have an idea! 🙂

  3. Important: There is freshly laid gravel on Eagleson Rd. and is therefore unsuitable for riding. Do not turn left at Eagleson. While on Minifie, carry on straight through to Harwood Rd., turn left, then turn left on Beaver Meadow, then right on Linton. Probably there will be a few there on Sunday who did this on Thursday, so they can explain further.

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