Board of Directors

A lot takes place behind the scene to make a bicycle club run smoothly. The NHCC has a Board of Directors for 2022 comprised of 7 fabulously dedicated volunteers who hold meetings periodically in order to conduct new business for the NHCC. Directors are selected from the membership by a Nomination Committee and elected at General Meetings, typically the Annual General Meeting. However, all members of the NHCC are encouraged to take part in planning and organizing activities by approaching any board member to discuss ideas, brainstorms, and anything else that might improve the NHCC.

Becoming a Director
If you are a member in good standing, and want to take a more active role in shaping the Club, why not consider submitting your name to the Nomination Committee for a future position on the Board? There’s no obligation by submitting your name, and you won’t be automatically elected. It simply means that you’d like to talk about the possibilities! If you think you might like to explore it further, please let our secretary know that you might be interested by sending an email to

Board of Directors for 2023

Randy Albon

Randy Albon, President

Randy is an original founding member, the first NHCC President (2010) and recently re-elected as the current President once again! His leadership and guidance are invaluable! 

Freda Dong

Freda Dong, Treasurer

Freda started cycling when she joined the club in 2015.  She has served as both club secretary and treasurer and is active in developing club policy and keeping the club organized.

Anita Macklin

Anita Macklin, Secretary

Anita is one of the original founding members of the NHCC and continues to work with the Board to guide policy development, chair the Ride Committee, participate in the Governance Committee and provide support wherever needed. She loves cycle touring in far away places!

Debbie Parks, Past President

Debbie has a love of cycling and socializing.  Bring those two together and it’s a great fit for the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club.  Debbie has served on the Board of Directors for the past 6 years.  After completing 3 years as President she now enjoys taking care of compiling our Membership list.

Helmut Bock

Helmut Bock, Director

Recently elected to the Board of Directors, Helmut is an all-season cyclist an avid interest in cycling roads both paved and gravel! He has toured by bicycle in multiple countries and has an interest in developing maps and routes to be explored by bike.

Bill Glover

Bill Glover, Director

Bill has been a member of the Club since 2018. he is very active in the cycling community as a volunteer with Cycle Transitions, and the Bicycle Action Committee of Sustainable Cobourg. Bill will be helping out in multiple capacities including three committees: Ride Development Route& Mapping, and Governance. 

Jim Breckenridge

Jim Breckenridge, Director

Jim is a bicycle commuter. Six years ago he discovered Cycle Transitions and it changed his life, and he now volunteers, as well as being a director with the NHCC.  His knowledge, and understanding of bicycles and cycling culture of Northumberland is increasingly expanding, as he now spends more time riding a bike than commuting!

This could be You!

If you believe in inclusiveness when it comes to cycling, and genuinely want to see the NHCC thrive, drop us a line! We’ll submit your name for consideration to the Nominating Committee for possible future vacancies on the Board. Email

Founding members of the NHCC

Randy Albon
Past president (2010-14)

anita macklin

Anita Macklin
Past president (2014-17)

Vivian Vandenhazel, Founding Member

Vivian Vandenhazel

Paul Mills, Treasurer

Paul Mills