Each year the NHCC anonymously surveys it’s membership in an effort to identify what it does well, and to uncover opportunities for growth. Below are some samples of valuable feedback our membership has provided over the years:


“It is an open club and accepts all levels. Enjoy the social events where you get to meet other members that ride at a different level”

“Great leadership and excellent ride leaders.”

“The people. The socials. The ride leaders are flexible and listen to our suggestions.”

“The friendliness of the club and how everyone is accepted. The board does a great job in organizing social events.”


“The Club is full of awesomeness!” 

“I have the impression that this is a WELL run Club and the members met so far, are all positive, friendly and willing to help new members.” 

“Thank you for all of your efforts. This is the best biking club I have ever been a member of.”


“Leaders are well educated and pass their knowledge along. They are considerate and full of energy. I’m happy to be a part of it.”

“There are options to enjoy and to improve by moving up levels. Always difficult to meet everyone’s needs, but it allows one to choose a level that works. The leaders are excellent and give generously of their time and expertise!!”

“It’s not too serious and everyone is super supportive.”

“The season is just not long enough! But That’s hardly the Club’s fault!”


“The people are always willing to lend support and encouragement”

“Group rides push me to work harder”


“Great people, well organized, good communication.”

“Well organised calendar of graded rides with very good leadership.”

“Friendly, supportive, other members. Totally lives up to its motto, fun, friendship, and fitness.”


“Caters to a wide range of cycling abilities and goals. Safe cycling stressed”

“What’s not to like? The monthly all levels rides were great and hopefully they will become a regular feature again next year”

“I most enjoy the type of people that the club seems to attract—A social type out to enjoy cycling without tearing up the road”


“I hope the club continues to grow and we can support new riders(which
we’re very good at) and accommodate faster riders as well.”

“The club has done a fantasic job in the time it has been formed.”



“Excellent website. Always lots of information about upcoming rides and

“Other cyclists are welcoming; and despite my perceptions, I did not feel
judged by other cyclists. Some of the ride leaders were very encouraging
which made me feel like coming out more. I love cycling and value the
health benefits. I would not get out to ride as often, or possibly not at all, if organized rides were not available. Kudos to the organizers of the NHCC rides!!!”

“[I most enjoy] the friendliness of the club members, the types of rides it does and the scope of its activities”