Thursday June 22: 57km EVENING Ride (Level 4)

Okay folks, this is one of the longest days of the year so we’ve got lots of daylight to do a 57 km ride. This Level 4 ride has some nice rolly ups and downs along Danforth, then we ride north up around Centerton and Grafton areas. We leave at 6:30 sharp, giving us 2 hours and 27 minutes till the sun sets. Unless you are super speedy and plan to ride like the wind, you’ll need lights on your bikes. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

Start location: Cycle Transitions (D’Arcy St.)
Start time: 6:30pm
Ride leader: Anita Macklin
Route map: Printable “CT, Centerton and Grafton” map here, or link to it on Ride with GPS

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Thursday, June 24th: Thursday morning ride

Weather permitting, this ride will leave from Richard’s house in Hastings and go to the Stoney Lake Market where we can stop and get a snack before riding back to Hastings. Richard’s wife Leigh has kindly offered to be on standby if anyone needs a lift, or if someone would rather be dropped off at Stoney Lake to join us for just the ride back which would be more like a level 2 ride. Let us know you are planning to come and we’ll send you the address.
Date: Thursday, June 22nd
Start Time: 10:00
Distance: 66km
Ride leader: Richard Thompson
Meeting Location: Hastings (the address will be sent to those who comment that they are coming

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Tues June 27, Level 2 Ride Sylvan Glen

Pam has a lovely ride for us. Please chime in if you can come and if you can sweep for the ride.

She says:

I will start my June 27th ride at the Sylvan Glen conservation parking lot in the Municipality of Port Hope.  It’s on Sylvan Glen Rd just north of Dale Rd. We’ll do a 22km route that is mostly flat and very beautiful. (Same as the one we did last year from the Canton church.) We’ll make a couple of stops to rehydrate and check in to see how everyone’s doing. And we will have FUN!

Start Time: 6:30 sharp

Ride Leader: Pam Tate

Start Location: Sylvan Glen Conservation Area parking lot. Municipality of Port Hope

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Monday, June 26th: evening Level 1 ride

Petra will lead the Level 1 ride this evening (thanks Petra!). She is planning on taking the group eastbound to the industrial area using side streets, and returning to the Detch Oven parking lot partly on Cty Rd 2. If anyone is up for more, she will then head west through Peace Park and over to Pebble Beach.
Date: Monday, June 26th
Tume: 6:30
Meeting Location: parking lot behind the Dutch Oven
Ride Leader: Petra Hartwig

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L2/3 Ride: Monday 26 June – 29kms

Description / Comment: Let’s try something different! Another out of town SP, a wiggle through the back streets of Grafton to avoid the traffic, a gentle ride up Shelter Valley, a slow climb via various back roads up to Scots Line, including Boomerang Rd for yet another colonial reference, and then a glorious down hill run along Hoskins and Gully back to Grafton.

Ride Leader: Allan (aka “The Old Sapper”)
Start Time: 6:30
Ride Location: Grafton Sports Complex Car Park ( north side of route 2 as you enter Grafton from Cobourg)
Route: L2/3 ADP Rampart Rampage

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Saturday, June 24th: Prince Edward County Ride

We’re offering several out of town rides this season, and this Saturday Dennis is leading a ride in Prince Edward County on a route that should be rural cycling at it’s best!  Everyone should be prepared with the directions and water.  Please make Dennis’s life easier by letting him know if you are coming!

Date:  Saturday, June 24th
Level of difficulty: 2+
Distance: 40km
Start Time:  10:30 (you and your bike should be ready to go!)
Meeting Location:  parking lot at Lake on the Mountain
Ride Organizer:  Dennis Benson

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Wed. June 21: All Levels Ride & Beer on the Patio

It’s the third Wednesday of the month which means an “All Levels Ride”, this time followed by beer on the Patio at The Cat ‘n Fiddle in Cobourg. The rides starts and finishes at parking lot on Covert St. and after the ride portion is complete, we’ll mosey on over to the patio for beer and snacks.

All Levels Rides: There’s just one route out-and-back route. You ride for time instead of distance so everyone can start and finish together regardless of speed. It’s your chance to try out the next level up. There’s really no risk because if you can’t keep up you can just drop back and people from the other levels will be coming up behind you. There will be a designated Leader setting the pace for each of the Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 so you can just choose your level and ride!

Time: 6:30–8:00pm (ride) 8:00-9:30pm (Social)
Start location: The parking lot on Covert St. in Cobourg
Route map: printable route map here, or view it on Ride with GPS

Important: Please RSVP so that we can ensure adequate patio space for everyone! RSVP by leaving us a comment….just tell us you’re coming!

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Tues June 20, Level 2 Ride: Westwood Park(ing) Lot

The Third time will be the charm. We will once again attempt to Start at Westwood Park parking lot, on Carlisle St, Cobourg, between Westwood Drive  and Ewing St.

We will go out through New Amherst and up to Waterfront Trail, west to Theatre, right on Telephone Rd, up a short jog Burnham St to  Danforth, east to Ontario, back south through the Kraft plan and up Westwood back to the parking lot.

Helmets on, tyres pumped and off we will go!

Start Time: 6:30 p.m.
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Westwood Park parking lot, Carlisle St. between Westwood Dr and Ewing St


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June 19th Monday Night Level 2/3 Ride

Just like level 1 this ride will start slightly out of town.

We will venture north on Burnham street through Cold Springs turning left on Beaver Meadow.

From there we’ll head south on Canning toward McBride where we’ll tackle the Jamieson Twins from north to south (the much easier way to do them).

We’ll head back to our starting point either through Kennedy, Jibb or Williamson, and if time permits we might finish up by going up Cornish Hollow (from Dale) to Smylie.

This is a great route with lots of rolling ups and downs, with plenty of downhill. Fast and fun and there is fabulous scenery to be had.

It will also afford a sneak of the Jamieson Twins for those enternaing tackling them the hard way one day.

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Hamilton Township Offices parking lot (Burnham and Majestic Hills Rd.)
Distance: 25-40 km
Ride leader: Roberto

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Monday, June 19th, Level 1 ride

For the first time this year, the Monday evening Level 1 ride will be outside of town. The Nauwatin Nature Sanctuary is at the end of Keewatin Drive which runs south off of the Waterfront Trail east of Cobourg. If you don’t have a way to transport your bike out to the ride, please leave a comment to that effect for the possibility of carpooling with someone who has a bike rack with extra room. Make sure your tires are pumped up and bring your water bottle.

Date: Monday, June 19th
Time: 6:30
Meeting Location: parking lot at Nauwatin Nature Sanctuary
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson

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