Sunday July 24: Peterborough/Lakefield Rotary Greenway Trail Ride

Rotary Greenway Trail
This Sunday we’re heading outta town for something different. We’ll be meeting at Beavermede Park in Peterborough and follow the Rotary Greenway Trail and continue along to Lakefield. For those who want a little more you can proceed to Young’s Point. Since it’s out of town, we’ll make the start time 10:00am.

The return trip to Lakefield will be about 30km and to Young’s Point about 55km, so choose your distance! It’s scenic, and all pretty flat & easy so suitable for all levels. Some of the route is along paved trails, a little on the road, and some on packed limestone, but the whole route is great. Bring your camera!

We plan to stop in Lakefield for ice-cream, so bring a few $$ with you!

Start time: 10:00
Ride coordinator: Anita Macklin
Start location: Beavermede Park parking lot

Let us know you are coming! Leave a comment. Maybe even offer/seek a ride up to Peterborough with others.

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Wed. July 27 L3 30km. – “Glorious Ganaraska”

We will be riding the Freewheeler’s  “Glorious Ganaraska” route. The ride will leave from the Port Hope Town Hall parking lot. This 30 Km route and is described as “a delightful, relatively flat ride that frequently crosses the Ganaraska River”.

Start time: 6:30pm
Ride Leader: Debbie Robertson
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall Parking lot
Route map: Printable 36k route map here

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Tues July 26 Ride Level 2 (& 2+?)

Pam will be leading us around the Glorious Ganaraska region of Canton. We will start again from the parking lot of the Canton United Church parking lot. Take the Sylvan Glen road north from Dale Rd as it bends into the 4th line to the west and you are there. Geoffrey will lead a level 2 group and will have a map to keep him on track. Pam says “No one left behind. Smiles mandatory.”

Start time: 18:30 (6:30 pm)

Ride leader: Pam Tate

Start Location: Canton United Church Parking lot. 4th line Hope twp.


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Monday, July 25th: Level 1 Ride

Dale has been doing a great job as sweep on some of our rides, and this week we’re putting him at the front of the group as our leader. Dale has taken the club safety course and is dedicated to making it a safe but fun ride. He’s made up a route for us that takes us out of town and with an option to try out some hills at one point. If a bit of hill climbing doesn’t interest you, Maria will lead that group back on the shorter route. You can see how you feel about it once we’re on the ride and at the “decision point”.
Date: Monday, July 25th
Time: 6:30
Meeting Location: park at Westwood and Carlisle
Ride Leader: Dale Pierce
Level of Difficulty: Level 1 with an option of Level 1+

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Thursday July 21: Level 4 ride, (37 or 47k)

It’s FAST-ride night! That means we are going for speed, not strength & hills. We cannot lie (we’re honest citizens here)….there are always a few hills. We have a new start location and new route with two distances to choose from, beginning from the Hamilton Township Offices parking lot. We’ll head up to Gore’s Landing and then take Rice Lake Scenic Drive to Harwood. That’s the point where you’ll decide whether or not to take the extra 10k extended route or just head south on Harwood Rd.

Lights on bikes: Believe it or not the days are getting shorter and sunset is officially at 8:46pm, meaning lights on the front and backs of our bikes are required as of 8:16. If you haven’t already outfitted your bike with lights it’s time to do so.

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Hamilton Township Offices parking lot (Burnham St. and Majestic Hills Rd.)
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Route map (37k): Printable map (to come), or link on Ride with GPS
Route map (47k): Printable map (to come), or link on Ride with GPS

Hey, how about leaving a comment to let others know which distance you hope to do?

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Volunteer cycling movie stars needed, Friday morning

This Friday morning we are hoping to help the county with their cycling video project and are looking for a couple of volunteer cyclists to come out for 9:30am in either Port Hope or Cobourg (exact location to be confirmed). We’ll do a little movie-star work while riding our bicycles! Leave us a comment to let us know you can help out and we’ll be sure to get the particulars to you.

As far as what to wear, since the video will focus on safety and a little tourism we’ll leave the NHCC jerseys and other such logo-covered attire at home and go with a little less “branded” clothing.

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Wed. July 20: All Levels Ride and Brouhaha

It’s time for our monthly All Levels ride, but this time we’ll start and finish at Franks Pasta and Grill in Cobourg. An All Levels ride means that every person in the club can ride on the same ride because go for time not distance. There’s just one route out-and-back route and everyone starts and finishes together allowing all to congregate on the patio at the same time. It’s an opportunity to see what everyone actually looks like without helmets!

There will be a designated Leader for each of the Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. They are like pace-bunnies, maintaining the appropriate pace for your chosen level of difficulty. That way you can see what it feels like at the next level! But if you can’t keep up there’s no worry because you just slow down and the group behind you will just catch up.

Time: 6:30–8:00pm (ride) 8:00-9:00pm (Brouhaha)
Start location: Frank’s Pasta and Grill, 426 King St E, Cobourg
Route: Waterfront Trail Eastbound (no map required)

Important: Please RSVP so that we can ensure adequate reservation for space at Franks.

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Tuesday, July 19th: Level 2 ride

Roberto will lead the gang on a mishmash of Theatre, Telephone, and Danforth Roads. It’ll be a nice mix, the company is always good, and we’re enjoying a brief respite from the humidity, so come on out!
Date: Tuesday, July 19th
Time: 6:30
Meeting Location: Westwood Park
Ride Leader: Roberto Almeida

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Thursday, July 21st: Lang Hastings Trail ride

For anyone who is off Thursday and would like to get in some more cycling during the day, Dale is heading off on the Lang Hastings Trail and welcomes some company. The trail consists of hard packed crushed limestone and can be negotiated on pretty much any bike but it’s best suited for something that doesn’t have super skinny tires. There are very limited chances to get more fluids or food along the trail so make sure you bring lots to drink and a lunch/snacks with you.

Depending on who comes along and what their capabilities or goals are, the riders can go right to Peterborough (about 30km one way) or turn around at any point before that.  There’s an opportunity to go for ice cream or to Banjos for other food and a drink afterwards is anyone wants.

Date: Thursday, July 21st

Time: 10:00

Meeting Place: Park Lane in Hastings. We’ll meet near the west end of the street before it turns up to meet River Road. Look for the other cyclists

Level: this one can be suitable for all levels. It depends on what you want to make of it


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Monday, July 18th: Level 1 ride

It’s Dennis’ turn to lead again so he’ll meet the group at Donegan Park for another of his enjoyable rides. As usual, he’ll offer some safe cycling tips before setting off, so listen up and have a safe and fun ride!
Date: Monday, July 18th
Time: 6:30pm
Level of Difficulty: 1
Meeting Location: Donegan Park
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson

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