The Halloween Spooky Ride/Hike & Potluck

It’s time for us to have some reeeeeeaaaalll spooky fun! On October 31st we’re having a Spooky Halloween Ride/Hike & Potluck at the home of Randy & Anita and all NHCC members are invited. Dress up in your favourite costume, bring a spooky contribution for the potluck along with your favourite beverage. We’ll head out either for a hike or maybe a short bike ride, depending on the weather. Then, of course we’ll mingle and just plain be like a bunch of kids, eating creepy food and drinking scary liquids. If it happens to be great weather we’ll plan a bonfire!

Date: Saturday October 31, 2015
Time (Ride/hike): 4:00pm
Time (Spooky social event): 6:00
What to bring: A contribution for the potluck and your favourite drink, and wear something fun!

RSVP, Important! All NHCC club members are welcome but since it’s taking place at our home, we’d really like to know how many to anticipate. Please RSVP by sending us a quick email telling us you’re coming. If you’d like to bring your significant other, let us know too. RSVP by email here. We’ll send you our address!

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Wednesday, October 21st: Fall Bike Maintenance Workshop

The riding is not over this year, and for some cyclists the season never ends! Maintaining our bikes is always important and even if you are thinking of storing them away for the winter soon, put your bikes away clean!
This workshop will cover cleaning your bike, cleaning and lubing the chain, and hands on practice on how to change a tire.
Date: Wednesday, October 21st
Time: 6:00 to 8:30
Location: Cycle Transitions, 739 D’Arcy Street, Cobourg
Cost: $5 to help cover the cost of renting the space at Cycle Transitions
Instructor: Maria Siemiaszko

Pre-registration mandatory!

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Wednesday, October 7th: Cornish Hollow Ride

It’s going to be too nice NOT to ride on Wednesday! This would be rated as a Level 2 ride but it’s an easier Level 2 and the main point is to have a social ride together and enjoy the glorious fall day.
Date: Wednesday, October 7th
Time: 12:30
Start Location: Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace Street
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

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Saturday, October 3rd: Levels 1/2 + and 3/4 option Presqu’ile Ride

It looks like although it will be cool and a little windy on Saturday, it should be dry. This time of year that’s a good enough reason to get in a ride! The key to being comfortable is layers that you can add or remove as needed. Hands and feet can feel the chill the most so warm socks and light gloves are a good idea to bring along. An afternoon start will also try to take advantage of the warmest part of the day.

Anyone wanting to get in a Level 3/4 ride (and maybe get in a 100km ride) can meet up in Cobourg and head east on the Waterfront Trail.

Date: Saturday, October 3rd
Level 3/4: Donegan Park at 11:45
Level 2: Keeler Centre in Colborne at 1:00
Level 1: parking area just west of the boat launch outside of Presqu’ile Park at 2:00
Ride Leaders: Dennis Benson and Maria Siemiaszko

Dennis and Maria will be at the Keeler Centre in Colborne, so if you plan to be at the Level 1 meeting spot, let us know because if no one is starting there we won’t go over on our way to the park.

Level 3/4 won’t have a leader but if you want to ride, commenting on this post will let others know if there’s a group heading out.

We’d also like to hear from any Level 2 riders so we don’t just decide to change up the ride for ourselves and head for the hills! :)

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Tuesday Sept. 29: Ride Cancelled. It’s a little on the wet side out there and doesn’t look at all like the type of weather anyone wants to ride in. Therefore, tonight’s ride is cancelled.

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Wed. Sept, 30, L3 – 23km Last Hurrah!

This is the final Level 3 evening ride of the season and the last time that you will need to see Bickle this year.

Start time: 6:00pm
Route: 23 km “Bickle Hill and Home”
Ride Leader: Mike Mclellan
Start location: Westwood Park, on Carlyle between Westwood and Ewing

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Tuesday Sept. 29: Final Level 2 evening ride, 6:00pm

CANCELLED, due to weather that is just plain crummy
This is it folks, the final Level 2 evening ride. It doesn’t mean there won’t be anymore level 2 rides—just that the regular evening ride ends. Other rides will be offered on a weather- and ride-leader-dependent basis during off-season.
Start time: 6:00pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena, Furnace St.

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Monday, September 28th: Level 1 ride – early start

Come out and join us for the last Monday evening ride of the season. To take advantage of whatever light we have left, we are going to start extra early at 5:30. This may be difficult for some, but if you’d really like to come out but can’t make it that early, let us know – we can swing back to the meeting area at 6:00 and pick you up, but only if we know someone is waiting there. Make sure you have lights on your bike.

Date: Monday, September 28th

Time: 5:30

Start location: parking lot behind the Dutch Oven

Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

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Sunday September 27: Levels 3 and 4 ride

It’s showing 21 and sunshiny for Sunday! A most excellent day for a ride. As usual, Levels 3 and 4 travel much of the same route, though different speeds. The Level 4 route has an extra 16k with a little more hilliness.

Reminder: All riders are expected to have the route map with them. The Level 3 group should remain together throughout the ride. Level 4 riders may ride faster and may break off into smaller groups according to desired speed.

Time: 10:00am
Start Location: Donegan Park
Route Map (Level 4) 52km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS
Route Map (Level 3) 36km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS

Please note: that this is the last of the regular Level 3 & 4 Sunday morning rides. Starting on October 1st we will be in off-season which means there will be no more evening rides, just morning ones. Rides that occur in off-season will usually be All Levels rides (at different speeds) on weekends if/when weather permits.

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New NHCC website feature: Classified Ads!

It’s the time of year when people are looking to sell, buy, or trade their bikes and other cycling related things. To help facilitate this, on a trial basis we’ve installed a new website feature which you can find in our navigation bar on the website, called Classifieds. There, you can post your classified ad, or just browse what’s there for free. Give it a try! At the moment there’s just one lonely little ad, but hopefully soon there will be more as word spreads.

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