Wed. July 26 – L3 – 35 km

It is once again time to flatten the route out.
We will ride out to Wicklow Beach and return to Cobourg via Grafton.

Start Time: 6:30
Start Location: Industrial park on Willmott Street
Ride Leader: Mike Mclellan

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Cancelled: Level 1 ride July 24th

It’s starting to rain and there’s a risk of a thunderstorm early this evening so I’m calling the ride off

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Thursday July 27: Level 4 EVENING Ride to Bewdley

If you’re speedy we’ve got 59km for ya! Or, just do 44km, it’s your choice. Sunset isn’t until 8:40pm you have a little over two hours. Best to make sure you have lights on your bike and nighttime sunglasses cuz we’re heading up to Bewdley. Lights are required as of 8:10pm.

Time: 6:30pm
Level of Difficulty: Level 4
Start Location: the arena on Furnace Street
Ride Leader: To be determined
Route Maps:
(59km): Printable route map here or link to it on Ride with GPS
(44k): Printable route map here or link to it on Ride with GPS

So, how ’bout it? How about letting us know which distance you lean toward so others can do some mental planning.

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Sat. July 29: Mixed Levels, Peterborough Excursion

Rotary Greenway Trail
In another of the NHCC’s out of town excursions we are meeting in Peterborough at Beavermede Park and heading out to explore new areas.

Levels 1 & 2: A super nice, scenic, flat and easy ride from Beavermede to Lakefield along the Peterborough Rotary Greenway Trail. The first half is paved so if you turn around at Trent University you’ll do 14km, all paved. Continue to Lakefield along crushed lime screening for a total of 40km round trip. The incentive to continue to Lakefield is the fabulous ice cream shop, so bring a little $$.

Levels 3 & 4: We’ll modify the route slightly so that everyone starts at Beavermede Park and travels the first 7k together on the paved Rotary trail. Choose either the Ptbo Route 1a – Lakes, Rivers and Cafes 45. Or, for 60km, we’ll follow the Route 1 – Lakes, Rivers and Cafes 60

Date: Saturday July 29
Start time10:00am
Start Location: Beavermede Park
Ride Coordinators Randy and Anita

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Tues July 25 St Mary’s Grafton Shltr Val Broomfld Edstone Lyle

Janine is following in our series of the “Most Scenic of Northumberland” and raising the bar. Following Pam’s beautiful ‘WT West Lake Views’ and Colin’s ‘Shelter Valley Tree Tunnels’ she is adding with breathtaking views of streams and panoramic views of Grafton and Lake Ontario . Warning: there are hills involved, but the views make it worth it. I will add my comments in brackets to her description [I rode it today.]

Head to Hwy 2 ( one small hill) [ Turn Right on Hwy2]

Left onto Shelter Valley Rd – 7.5 k [Long steady climb & beautiful views of Shelter Valley Creek.]

Left onto Broomfield Rd- few medium size hills [4or5, Think of it like the Hill on Hwy 2 out east of Cobourg over railway tracks.]

Left Eddystone Rd- 2 long windy hills and 2 small hills – then down hill [the long hill is a steep ‘S’ 2 stage hill, but the ride down after makes it all worth while]

Left onto Lyle St – 2 long hill [Think of it like the hill in Cobourg up Ontario from the arena to the Dale Rd.]then downhill all the way into Grafton [The view of Grafton and the lake and this very long super-fun downhill make it all the work worthwhile]

Not to worry we will take time to enjoy the scenery.

23/24 k

Start Time: 6:30 pm

Ride Leader: Janine Turk

Start Location: St. Mary’s Church Parking Lot, Lyle St. South Grafton

Route Map: Link to Ride With GPS

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July 24 Monday Night Level 2/3 ride

This week we’re trying a new route, so new there no map yet for it.

Its a flattish loop starting in Grafton, taking us along scenic Shelter Valley Road to Castleton and then on to Centreton.

No gravel sections this time although King Road is a bit bumpy.

Route: Grafton Castleton Centreton Loop

Starting Point: St. Mary’s School/Church parking lot on Lyle Street

Time: 6:15

Kms: Approx. 38

Leader: Roberto/Lte. Sapper

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CANCELLED: Monday, July 24th: Level 1 ride

It’s about time we revisited the West Dead End Tour to see what’s new this year!
Date: Monday, July 24th
Start Time: 6:30
Meeting Location: park at Westwood and Carlisle
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

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Sunday July 23, 2017 All Levels Ride

This Sunday morning we’re organizing an all levels ride which will head east along the Waterfront Trail as far as each rider would like to go before they turn back.

If anyone wants to do a century they can head to the lighthouse in Presqu’ile – or not! Access to the park has been restored however  you must go through Brighton as Union Rd is being resurfaced.

We’ll use the  Waterfront Trail so there’s no map, and it’s an out an back ride so you may encounter other riders on your way back.

If you leave a comment if you are coming, and can indicate the level and distance you’re hoping for, it often encourages others who would like to come out but don’t know whether they’ll have someone to ride with.

After all, most of us join a club to ride with others! As it’s an all levels Sunday ride, there won’t be leaders for each group.

Date: Sunday, July 23, 2017
Time: 9:00
Meeting Location: Donegan Park
Levels: all
Ride Organizer: Roberto

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Thursday July 20: Level 4 EVENING Ride, 44 or 56k

It’s gonna be nice a warm-ish with sunshiny episodes. This route has those uphills, but also some really groovy downhills that you can yell yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa going down. Two distances to choose from. We’ll be heading out to Centreton & Grafton.

Start time: 6:30pm
Ride Leader: Debbie Parkss
Start Location: Cycle Transitions parking lot on D’Arcy St.
Route Map (56k): Printable Route Map (56k) or link to it on Ride With GPS
Route Map (44k): Printable Route Map (44k) or link to it on Ride With GPS

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Updated – Wed. July 19 “All Levels Ride”

It’s the third Wednesday of the month which means an “All Levels Ride”, this time followed by beer at Arthur’s Pub at the Best Western. The ride will start and finish at parking lot in-front of William Street Brewery.  This will eliminate the need to ride down busy Elgin Street. We’ll mosey over the Arthur’s after the ride.

All Levels Rides: There’s just one route out-and-back route. You ride for time instead of distance so everyone can start and finish together regardless of speed. It’s your chance to try out the next level up. There’s really no risk because if you can’t keep up you can just drop back and people from the other levels will be coming up behind you. There will be a designated Leader setting the pace for each of the Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 so you can just choose your level and ride!

Time: 6:30–8:00pm (ride) 8:00-9:30pm (Social)
Start location: William Street Brewery parking lot
Route: L2,3,4 Behind Mall to Rogers Road -> Carlisle -> Hwy. #2 -> Theater Road -> Telephone Rd -> Hamilton Rd. -> Dale Rd. -> Danforth Rd. (this is 17 km so the turn around should be at the church).

L1 Will meander through New Amherst and West Park Village

Important: Please RSVP so that we can ensure adequate patio space for everyone! RSVP by leaving us a comment….just tell us you’re coming!

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