Saturday Morning May 20th Level 3 ride

A few of the Monday night level 2/3 riders are planning to meet for a Saturday morning ride starting at the Canadian Tire parking lot. Come on out and join us!

The exact route has not been finalized but we will most likely head out along Hwy 2 to Theater Rd and then head north to Dale.

Start Time: 10:30AM
Start Location: Canadian Tire Lot
Distance: 20-35 km
Ride Leader: Roberto Almeida/Mike McLellan
Level of difficulty: Level 3

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Monday, May 22nd: morning and evening rides

It’s a day off work for most of us which means there is more time to ride! In the morning all levels head out from Hastings on the Lang Hastings Trail towards Peterborough and can ride as far as they want before turning back. For those who make it to Peterborough there is a Tim Hortons once you get to Lansdowne if you want to stop in for a coffee. There is also ice cream not very far outside of Hastings so bring some money along with fluids and snacks. In the evening, Dennis will lead the regular Level 1 ride which will wind it’s way towards Monks Cove with breaks along the route.

Date: Monday, May 22nd
Time: 10:00
Meeting Location:  Park Street, Hastings (if you leave a comment we’ll send you the address)
Ride Coordinator: Maria Siemiaszko

Date: Monday: May 22nd
Time: 6:30
Meeting Location: park at Westwood and Carlise, Cobourg
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson

Helmets are mandatory. Bring your membership card or membership form plus payment or a guest waiver and $5.

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Thurs. May 18: MORNING ride

The Big Apple Ride, for Level 3! We’ll take advantage of the warmer temperatures and stretch out a bit, with a ride to the Big Apple. Its mostly flat along the lake with a couple of hills on Dudley Rd on the way to the Big Apple restaurant. We will stop there for a break (coffee and apple pie for those interested – don’t forget to bring some money if you plan to do so), then come down that big wonderful hill into Colborne before heading back along the lake.

Start Time: 10:00 AM
Start Location: Donegan Park
Distance: 53Km
Ride Leader: Carmelo Amenta
Level of difficulty: Level 3

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Thursday May 18: Level 4 ride (37 or 47km)

It’s FAST-ride night! That means speed rather than strength & hills. We won’t fib to you ….there are always a few hills. You’ll have two distances to choose from, beginning from the Hamilton Township Offices parking lot. We’ll head up to Gore’s Landing and then take Rice Lake Scenic Drive to Harwood. That’s the point where you’ll decide whether or not to take the extra 10k extended route or just head south on Harwood Rd. Chris Miller will be your ride leader tonight, and it’s his first time leading, so go easy on the guy! 🙂

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Hamilton Township Offices parking lot (Burnham St. and Majestic Hills Rd.)
Ride Leader: Chris Miller
Route map (37k): Printable map (to come), or link on Ride with GPS
Route map (47k): Printable map (to come), or link on Ride with GPS

Hey, how about leaving Chris a comment to let others know which distance you hope to do? It helps him to know how many people to expect.

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Wed. May 17 – Level 3 ride, 26km

This ride will depart from the arena on Furnace Street at 6 pm. We will head north to Baltimore (via Division/ Ferguson/ Racetrack) and then head back to Cobourg (via Nagle)

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Start Location: Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace Street
Ride Leader: Mike
Route:“Baltimore and Back”


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Tuesday May 16, Level 2 Ride, Willmott

Let’s try again. Weather seems to be drier, but bring a wind-proof layer to keep the wind chill down. We will have a short orientation and safety talk. Please bring a floor pump if you have one and are coming by car. Also, check the maximum pressure for your tires (located on the side-wall of the tire) so we know what we are aiming for.

This will be a “break us in slowly” ride from the Willmott parking lot, out on the Waterfront Trail and back. There is one hill. We will rest lots. No one is ever left behind. We will be staying to the lower end of the Level 2 speed and distance so think 15 kpm average and overall distance 15-20 klm.

Guests may ride with a waiver and 5$. (goes toward membership). Helmets and fun are mandatory.

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: 210 Willmott St. Cobourg (parking lot Old Coke Plant/ Sleep Country)


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Monday May 15: Evening Level 2/3 ride

Much better riding conditions than last week! We lave at 6:30 sharp, so plan to arrive a little earlyish. And, bring your membership cards please. Non-members are welcome to ride as but need to bring a signed Guest Waiver and $5 (insurance reasons, you know!)

Date: Monday, May 15th
Start Time: 6:30 
Ride Leader: Roberto Almeida
Meeting Location: Industrial Park on Wilmott St.

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Weather appears to have returned to normal so we will re-start the season. All regularly scheduled evening rides will resume starting this Monday. See you all on the road. 

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Monday, May 15th: Level 1 ride

It’s finally looking promising so it looks like a go for the first official Level 1 ride this year Please bring your membership card or if you haven’t joined yet, your completed membership form with payment, or a guest waiver and $5 if you want to check us out first.
Helmets are mandatory.

Time: 6:30
Location: parking lot in industrial mall on Wilmot Street
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

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Wednesday May 10: Level 3 Evening Ride

Here we go again…let’s get the Level 3 evening ride started! This route is  25km long. We will start out small and add a little more distance each week as the season progresses, based on the developing needs of the group. Don’t worry about keeping up with the crowd—It’s a no-drop ride, we will work together and support each other.

Notes: Helmets are mandatory. Please bring your membership card with you. If you mailed in your membership forms, your cards will be issued to you at the ride.

Ride leader: Mike McLellan
Start Time: 6:30pm
Route Map:  View the link on Ride with GPS
Start Location: Westwood Park (Carlisle St.)

Meet your Ride Coordinator: Mike McLellan
Mike has coordinated the Level 3 ride program for a number of years now, and with his safety training and experience you’ll be in good hands! Mike coordinates a number of level 3 leaders that you’ll meet as the season progresses. He’s been a member of the NHCC as long as we can remember!
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