Sunday Sept. 24: 100km (or less) ride to Presquile

It’s here! The 100km ride is set to go on Sunday at 9:30am. We’ve got some beauty weather in store for y’all! 28c and nothing but sunshine & sunscreen! If you want to participate but don’t want to cover the whole distance you can turn around at the Community Centre in Colborne and make it 50km. Or, just come on out for whatever distance you want by turning around at any point along the way. People will be riding at a variety of pace…some fast, some slow.

If you plan on completing 100km, be sure to stash away a little trail mix or something else in your back pocket. We’ll ride there, ride back, maybe with a stop at the variety store in Colborne to load up on snacks, unless people plan among each other to stopover in Brighton for a bite to eat.

Just so others can plan, please leave a comment to let us know your planned distance.

AGM Tickets: While you are at it, why not bring $30 and pick up your AGM Tickets. We’ll have them available at the start of the ride. (AGM Date: Thursday Oct 19, 2017)

Start time: 9:30am
Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace St.
Ride Coordinator: Anita Macklin

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The 2017 Annual Meeting and Social Soiree: Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Our annual social event of the year, the Annual Meeting & Social Soiree is set to take place on Thursday October 19th, 6:00pm at The Best Western in Cobourg. Tickets will be $30 per person and is open to all members, friends, and family. There will be a great buffet dinner and we’ll take the evening to celebrate cycling with friends both new and old, as well as discuss new directions for next year. Of course we conduct a little official but necessary biz. In the meantime, mark your calendars and pickup your tickets!

How to get tickets:

Downtown Cobourg:
From: Jim Berg in Cobourg
Where: 261 George St., Cobourg
When: Monday – Thursday, 9:00–3:00

From your Ride Coordinators (or designated ride leader): starting Monday September 1st. Just come out for your regular weekly ride, bring $30 (cash or cheque payable to the NHCC) and the ride coordinators should have tickets to sell. Ride coordinators are: Maria Siemiaszko, Geoffrey Honey, Roberto Almeida, Mike McLellan, Anita Macklin

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Thursday Sept. 21: Evening Ride (Level 3/4)

This Thursday is our second last official Thursday evening ride of the season. The days are just getting too darn short! The sun is setting at 7:10pm, which means if we start at 5:30 we’ll get about 90 minutes of riding, heading out along Danforth and up around the Grafton area. We’ll start at Cycle Transitions and squeeze in 34km of beautiful, warm evening pedalling!

Start time: 5:30pm
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start Location: Cycle Transitions parking lot on D’Arcy St.
Route Map (34k): Printable rout map here, or link to it on Ride with GPS

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Tuesday, September 19th: Level 2 ride

Pam will lead this week’s ride which begins at King’s Field at the west end of Port Hope. It’ll be a slightly challenging loop out along Lakeshore to Willow Beach, up to the 4th Line, across #10 and back to the start point via Sylvan Glen and Victoria. Start time is 5:45 due to darkness falling earlier (don’t forget your lights)
Date: Tuesday, September 19th
Meeting Location: King’s Field, Port Hope
Start Time: 5:45
Ride Leader: Pam Tate

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September 20 Wednesday night Level 3 ride

Mike will lead us Wednesday night.

It is once again time to flatten the route out.

We will ride out towards Wicklow Beach along the waterfront trail and return to Cobourg via Grafton.

Please bring lights.

Beers after at Arthur’s is an option. Wednesday is open mic/Blues (…or is that Jazz?) night there.

Start Time: 5:45

Start Location: Industrial park on Willmott Street

Ride Leader: Mike Mclellan

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September 18 Monday Night Level 2/3 Ride

Allan will lead the Monday Night Level 2/3 Ride this week. A new configuration he’s dreamed up and dubbed the Abend Abbattis.

I’m sure there’s a (military) story behind which he’ll share in one of his (lengthy) prologues or along the way.

As always there will be breaks and no one will be dropped.

Please bring your lights- they keep you safe and we’ve received positive feedback on them from pedestrians recently.

SP: Wilmot Street

Time:5:45 prompt

Route: L2/3 APD – Abend Abbattis

Description: Gentle climb up to Baltimore, continuing up Harwood Rd to Minifie Rd. West a bit and then a glorious down hill back to Dale Rd and home via Baltimore once again just in time “for tea and medals”!

Total distance 37 kms so we need to start prompt or even early. Bring your lights ( and cash for your NHCC AGM tickets).

Hope that’s enough. Have a great W/E. Sapper.

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Monday, September 18th: Level 1 ride

Since the evenings are getting shorter we’ll start at 5:30 so we can get some decent riding time in. I realize it’s tough for some people to get there so soon after work, but if you really would like to get a ride in, however short, please leave a comment saying so and we’ll loop back at 6:00 to pick you up.
Date: Monday, September 18th
Meeting Location: parking lot behind Dutch Oven
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

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Sunday, September 17th – Level 3/4 Let’s Ride to Newcastle!

For those who weren’t able to join the Golden Beach joint club ride or anyone looking to get additional kilometres this weekend in preparation for next weekend’s 100km ride.  Please comment below if you are able to join.

This is a nice, longish route (approx.70km).  We have to take advantage of this amazing late Summer weather. Waterfront Trail all the way to Newcastle!  If you want to shorten the distance, just turn around at any point and come back because the route back is the same as the route there.  You can also start in Port Hope if you prefer a shorter distance (57km).  This makes it suitable for multiple levels.

Start time: 9:30am
Start location(s): Parkette on Carlisle St., Cobourg or King’s Field in Port Hope(10:15 am)
Level of difficulty: Level 3 and Level 4

An easy route, but for those who like a map here is one from Port Hope: 57k printable route map here or view it on Ride with GPS


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Cycle Transition Anniversary Celebration: Thursday, September 28th

Cycle Transitions got it’s start five years ago on September 8th, 2012. We’ve had a great run to this point and we’re looking forward to the next! To help celebrate, we’re inviting all past and present members as well as supporters to a “pub night” at the Cat and Fiddle (Covert Street, Cobourg) on Thursday, September 28th starting at 7 pm. Please join us, have a bite to eat and/or something to drink, and share your stories of CT.

** Please note, food and drink will be available and can be paid with CASH ONLY (no credit or debit cards are being accepted at the Cat and Fiddle presently)**

For those participating in the Level 4 ride that evening, drop in whenever you’re done riding as our rides will be finishing up pretty early by the end of the month anyway.

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Level 3/4 Thursday evening Osaca Odyssey

It’s an oldie but a goodie.   A lovely ride to Osaca and the fields will be beautiful this time of the year.   Lots of photo ops!  We would just have time to squeeze in the 36km route before dark, but there is also a short-cut option for just 27km.  This would even be suitable for a Level 2+ as it is relatively flat.  A good option after Wednesday evening’s Bickle Hill! Let’s try to get in as many precious evening rides as we can.  Lights and laughs are a must!

Depending on what everyone would like to do, there is a new establishment in Port Hope, but I’m not positive it is open quite yet (corner of Mill & Ontario St).  We can check it out afterwards if anyone is interested.

Start time: 6:00pm
Ride Leader:  Deb Parks
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall Parking lot
Route map: Printable route map here



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Wed. Sept. 13; L3 -29km

We haven’t officially done Bickle Hill so far this year so it’s time!
Start point to Theater Rd., Telephone Rd., Hamilton Rd., Dale Rd., Theater Rd. Bickle Hill and home by Ontario.
Note earlier start time

Start Location: Parkette on Carlyle

Start Time: 5:45

Ride Leader: Roberto

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