Final Call for Ride Leaders for this season

The success of our ride season is entirely built on volunteers. The NHCC needs at least  Four (4) Primary ride leaders and four (4) Substitute Ride Leaders for each Level to best deliver a consistent reliable Ride Schedule.  We have about 220 rides needing leaders. We’re not looking for commitments to ride every single week—just some times, so others don’t have to do it every time at the expense of their enjoying some of the other club rides! 🙂

We have lots of routes and maps, mentors to help you out. We’ll develop a list of Primary Ride leaders and also a stash of Substitute Ride Leaders to fill in!

Got some organizational skills?
In particular, we are looking for two individuals who would coordinate Level 3 and a separate Level 4. 


  • Liaise with ride leaders in their respective level
  • Work with ride leaders to select dates & routes for their rides
  • Monitor the suitability of distance/elevation of routes
  • Enter rides onto the Club Calendar (or, ensure ride leaders independently enter their rides)

Not too difficult, and we’ll be right there to support you!

Think you could pitch in this year? A little or a lot, we’ll take it! Please RSVP by completing the form below. If unable to view the form, you can email to indicate you’ll be an NHCC hero!

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