Ride Descriptions

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Regular Riding Season: May 1 to September 30

Regular Club rides are on Tuesday Evenings (6:30pm), Thursday & Sunday Mornings (10am). We also have other rides such as Mountain biking, day trips and special rides that are posted to the ride calendar periodically (times and days vary)

Slow, medium, or fast…take your pick!

Honestly, riders of every ability have happily joined the NHCC, from those who didn’t think they could make it to the corner store on their bikes, to those who were simply born to wear lycra. The biggest question we hear is, “Am I fit enough?” and the short answer is Yes! New members are usually happy as clams when they show up for their first ride and see that it’s true! We recommend you begin with a ride level that might be too easy for you and then move up from there. You’ll find your fitness level, make new friends and have a great time too. 


NHCC Club rides are rated by


  • A – Somewhat flat and no steep hills
  • B – Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills
  • C – Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs
  • D – Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills


Speed indicated is while on flat or gentle hill terrain—not an average speed, but a cruising speed. Pace does not matter for Non-group rides, but if you want to know the general pace of the ride in order to keep up with the ride leader, pace is provided. Group rides adhere to the published pace of the posted ride.

  • No Speed Provided – Ride leader has not submitted a pace
  • (Level 1) Slow – Speeds approximately 16-18 kph (or in a group ride, the pace of the slowest rider)
  • (Level 2) Leisurely – Speeds approximately 18-22 kph
  • (Level 3) Moderate – Speeds approximately 22-24 kph
  • (Level 4) Fast Paced – Consistently fast pace; speeds in excess of 25 kph

Types of Rides

  • Group ride – Riders will stay together (map may or may not be provided)
  • Regroup ride – Riders might spread out, and regroup at specific points along the way (map provided)
  • Non-group ride – Riders may spread out, with no planned regroup points along the route (map provided)