Friday Floater Ride: July 27

Waterfront Trail East, Part 2

We loved the Waterfront Trail last week and this week we are going even more beyond the beyond and we are starting near where we left off. There’s a parking lot at the Soccer Fields and we’ll head East from there. This will be flat, flat, flat! This will be suitable for road bikes, anticipating it will be more road-bike friendly than Part 1 last week. Plus more scenic! If we turn around shortly after the Whitby Marina we’ll cover about 50k. If everyone decides unanimously to go further, we may just do that! Level 3 pace.

Please leave us a comment to let us know you’ll be riding. Hopefully the sun will shine for us!

Start time: 10am
Ride Leaders: Randy (Leader) and Anita (Sweep)
Route: Waterfront Trail Eastbound, Part 2 (Darlington to Whitby)
Start location: Darlington lower hydro field parking lot

Friday Floater Ride & ice cream: July 20, 2018

Hey everyone, we often take the Waterfront Trail all the way to Newcastle and then come back…but don’t you wonder what’s beyond? We’re going to meet at the Parkette in Newcastle and then ride along the Waterfront Trail westbound until we reach Darlington Provincial Park where we can get a scoop of ice cream, check out the beach and explore. Then of course we return. Total distance will be about 55 km. Some of the trail is crushed limestone but should be suitable for our bikes. Please bring a twoonie for park entrance (if they ask for it), and a few $$ for ice cream or snacks if you wish.

Please leave a comment if you are planning to ride.

Start time: 10am
Ride Leaders: Randy and Anita
Start location: Bond Head Parkette (on Boulton St. along the waterfront)

Friday Floater Ride: July 6

Keeping it simple! Mike Collins will meet everyone at Kings Field in Port Hope and go along the Waterfront Trail Westbound. This ride is anticipated to be a little faster than we’ve been doing, coming in around the higher range of Level 3. Out to Newcastle and back for a 52km total.

Start time: 10am
Ride Leader: Mike Collins
Level of difficulty: 3
Start location: Kings Field in Port Hope

Please leave a comment letting Mike know you plan to ride. Ride leaders really do appreciate the responses, honestly!

THURSDAY Floater Ride: June 28

It’s a holiday weekend and we don’t want to be exposing ourselves to crazy Friday traffic so this week’s Floater Ride is on THURSDAY. Mike Collins will lead the group from Hastings and head up to Crowes Landing at Stoney Lake. It’s about 60k and light on the hills. Bring some moolah $$ for a lunch following the ride if you wish. Banjo’s, in Hastings!

Start time: 10am
Ride Leader: Mike Collins
Level of difficulty: 3
Start location: Car park near Banjo’s on the south west side of the river

Friday Floater Ride: 40-50k starting in Brighton

It’s Randys Friday Floater Ride and this one’s starting out of town for something a little different. It’ll be around 40-50k, starting in Brighton so huge hills are not anticipated. This will be a Level 3 ride and start at the YMCA in Brighton.

Friday June 22

Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Start time: 10am
Start location: YMCA in Brighton, 170 Main St.

Friday Floater Ride: 10am, June 8

Sorry for the short notice….things happen!
This week’s floater ride is taking place tomorrow at 10am, and we’re expecting beautiful sunny weather! We’ll head out for about an hour and a half and cover some hills (but not Bickle, so don’t panic).

Start time: 10am
Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Offices
Level of difficulty: Level 3

Floater Friday Ride: June 1, 10am

Rich is going to lead this Friday’s Floater ride from Port Hope. It’ll be a Level 3 and he’ll be leaving from King’s Field in Port Hope and will do a loop with some moderate hills.

Start time: 10am
Ride leader: Rich Ross
Start location: Kings Field in Port Hope

Friday May 18: Floater Ride at 10am

The “Floater Ride” is the weekly daytime ride, and for the time being it will be different days and times. This week it’s Friday morning. A great way to start the long weekend! We’ll start in Port Hope, head out along the Lakeshore for a ride, distance to be determined as we go. This is a mixed level ride so we generally have a little discussion at the start of the ride to establish how fast and how far people want to go. Better yet, leave a comment to let Randy and others know you are riding.

Start time: 10am
Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Level of difficulty: Mixed Levels
Start location: Kings Field in Port Hope

Morning Ride, Friday May 4th

Randy AlbonMeet your Ride Coordinator: Randy Albon
Randy is one of the founding members of the NHCC, the one who laid down the fun-fitness-and-friendship philosophy for the Club. He has extensive cycle touring experience, volunteers with the Bicycle Action Committee of Sustainable Cobourg and is a past president of the NHCC.

This weekly event can fall on any weekday, depending on Ride Leader availability. The level of the ride is also not carved in stone. It will depend on what the participants are wanting from week to week. This first Daytime Ride of the year, will be lead by I, Randy Albon, and will likely be somewhere between level 2 and 3 considering it is so early in the year.

Looking forward to seeing you all! Please leave a comment indicating how long you might want to ride so we can start thinking about it beforehand.

Date: Friday May 4
Start time:
Ride leader: Randy Albon
Route: To be determined 
Start location: Donegan Park on D’Arcy St.

Sept. 23: Century Ride Cancelled: Regular Ride on at 10am

Unfortunately it appears that the weather gods are not working in our favour for tomorrow, so we’ve made the executive decision to cancel the Century Ride. We will however be having our “regular” club ride at 10:00am for anyone who still wishes to get out on their bikes.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route: To be determined by group consensus

Please make mention below if you think you might want to ride and if you have a particular route in mind.