All Level Ride, Lang Hastings Trail, Saturday June 14th

Lang Hastings TrailFor something a little different we’re riding on the Lang Hastings Trail, a former rail line that has a new life as a crushed limestone multipurpose trail. The ride will start and end at Jim and Sue’s home in Hastings. Road bikes can manage the trail but it’s easier on a hybrid or mountain bike. The first three kilometers from Jim and Sue’s will be the roughest. Since we come back the same way we head out, there isn’t a map and everyone can ride out as far and fast or slow as they wish.

Jim and Sue have generously offered to fire up the BBQ and cook up some burgers (meat and veggie) after we return so please indicate if you wish to partake and if you want the veggie option. Bring your beverage of choice and a lawn chair. Plenty of parking is available.

Time: 10:00 am
Meeting Place: Jim Paré and Sue Léger’s place, Hastings
RSVP: This event requires an RSVP so that Jim and Sue can prepare. When you email us to say you are coming, we’ll let you know their address.


  1. Alas, I will be in Cape Breton on the 14th but this sounds like a great opportunity for something different. Hope for good weather.

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  3. Maria and Jim test-rode part of the trail and have this to report:

    The trail is a nice easy, flat-ish route with minor inclines. The first section, from Jim and Sue’s place is not in quite as nice shape as west of Hastings but can be done with road bike if cautious. Hybrid sized tires would be ideal.

    If anyone wants to avoid that part, they could park and wait at the parking lot by Banjo’s in Hastings (just south of the bridge on the west side). We will swing by there at approximately 10:15 so they should be ready to ride at that time.

    Bring lots of fluids and some snacks. There are limited possibilities to re-load drinks.

    If you go as far as Lang or Keene and back, the distance would be about 52km round trip and take 3 to 4 hours depending on the pace, but there is no pre-determined distance. Ride out, turn around when you want, and ride back.

    Snapping turtles are laying their eggs on the trail, there are many nests, some disturbed by skunks and raccoons, as well as several large turtles actually laying eggs. There was a section with a lot of chipmunks sitting on the trail who only moved as they were within two feet of them!

    This is a pretty ride, and except for crossing some driveways and roads, cars are not an issue! It’s supposed to be a beautiful day and I’m looking forward to a fun, casual ride.

  4. great ride today ~ however two items were left at our place:
    – a black Columbia ‘Titanium’ jacket
    – a large (24 oz) Camelback water bottle
    let us know if either of these are yours and they will find their way back to you, eventually

  5. Thank you Jim and Sue for your generous hospitality. The food was delicious, the view beautiful, and the company very entertaining. Thanks to everyone who came out to make it a fun day!

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