Any Zwifters looking to ride?

These lockdown COVID days can be long.  But if you are a cycling techy and fortunate enough to have a trainer set up with Zwift, we could ride together virtually!

What is Zwift?
Zwift is a subscription based ($20 per month), interactive online cycling experience that works together with a smart trainer in your home and a computer/smart phone, or Apple TV. You (your avatar) rides around a virtual course with other local cyclists as well as from around the world. Like a video game for cyclists!

Sooo….any NHCC Zwifters looking for a virtual group ride? We could get it up and running lickety split if there’s enough interest. Please reply with a comment below or just email and we’ll go from there.


  1. I might be interested in a group ride. I’m on Zwift this year. It would depend on the timing but I’m working from home so I can make myself available most days. I’m not tough enough to ride outside in January in the snow like Helmut or Brent … lol.


  2. In regards to the $20 subscription fee, that is for each participant. Even in the same household Anita and I would require our own accounts. That is what I pay through Apple. It may be a couple of dollars cheaper directly through Zwift. I suspend mine when the weather gets nicer outside. Your stats and progress will be saved for when/if you sign up the following off season.
    If you care to learn more I suggest going to YouTube and finding a video on Zwift for beginners.
    I do wish to point out however that there is a significant up front investment for the “smart trainer” that would be required. I do not suggest people run out and purchase this equipment, unless they have done their homework and think it’s for them. It was meant for members already Zwifting. Not to say everybody wouldn’t be welcome. They certainly would be.
    To be honest, I find indoor cycling a slog. This however makes it a little, ok maybe even a lot more interesting and doable.
    Little similar virtual cycle training apps Zwift offers a free trial period of up to a couple of weeks I think.
    I hope this helps.

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