Bikes for Ukrainians here in Northumberland: Can you help?

Randy (your NHCC Prez) and Dave from Cycle Transitions are collaborating to provide bicycles for newly arrived (and arriving) Ukrainian families in our region—about 30 families.  There are adults, teens and children who could certainly benefit from the utility, adventure and independence that a bike could bring. They could sure use and appreciate whatever help we in the NHCC community can offer:

  • Do you have a bike that you could donate? Utilitarian, hybrid, mountain?
  • Bike parts and accessories: Bike racks, chains, wheels, tires, spare tire changing biz, lights, you name it! 
  • Pannier bags, bells, mirrors?
  • Bottle cages, new unused water bottles?
  • Bike locks! So they don’t go missing….
  • Helmets….to protect their noggins
  • Cash donations!! (Cuz sometimes the necessaries like chains and cables just need to be purchased)

Also, we could use a little team of volunteers to help put the bikes in good mechanical working condition.  Cleaning bikes, drivetrains, etc. will also be a valuable contribution! Lubing things so they don’t squeak—we could put you to use if you have a little time!  

Drop Randy a line to let home know you can pitch in!

If you can spare a little cash, please let us know and we’ll give you the e-transfer email address to send it to.

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  1. Randy,
    I do not have any spare bikes or parts.
    If you provide me an email address I will send some money for you to get what is needed.

    Kelly Hewitt

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