Christmas Light Ride – Monday December 11th

Let’s get together for an easy evening tour around town to view the Christmas lights by bicycle! (Weather-dependent of course).  And….let’s decorate our bikes too!  The brighter the better.  Of course our regular bike lights on both the front and back of your bike are most important.   It’s a great chance to get out and appreciate the lights.  Afterward we can stop in somewhere for some eggnog to finish off the evening.  Bundle up!

Date: Monday, December 11th, 6:00pm
Start location: Parking lot behind the Dutch Oven
Route: to be determined by those in attendance
Pace: Slow! Casual!


  1. omg, I am going to freeeeeeze, but I’ll be there……bundled up in all manner of warmth. Just gotta figure out now how to power some lights on the bike. But that’s where Randy’s expertise enters!

    • I’m just going to use a few sets of battery lights. Looking forward to seeing what Randy comes up with. Maybe he can serenade us with some Christmas tunes too.

    • Not suprisingly it’s all about the layers! With cold weather riding though it’s face, hands, and feet that freeze. A couple of pairs of gloves/mitts are good and if you don’t have bootie covers, some warm flat bottomed winter footwear that you can still operate the pedals with is essential. Even though I have bootie covers I plan to wear fuzzy lined clogs that work well for me on a bike with flat pedals. It’s fun when we’re warm!

  2. Jen has kindly offered her place for a nip of eggnog after the ride! We can fill you in on more details on Monday eve or message me for the address. Ho Ho Ho!

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