Congratulations to the Cycling Safety Class Participants

The first participants of the NHCC Cycling Skills and Safety wrapped things up last night and by all reports everyone learned a lot. In fact, Jan “will never think of a sidewalk the same way again”, Geoffrey “thinks of intersections in a whole different way now”, and Josie and Claudia just know that Anita is proud of them! 🙂

It’s a great group of people who committed themselves to cycling safely! The instructors, George, Maria, and Anita really do feel proud to see everyone signalling, shoulder checking, and positioning themselves correctly as they cycle in town and beyond.

See, Be Seen, Be Predictable! Cycle on!


  1. A really big and appreciative Thank-you George and Maria for caring so much about cycling safety, and for giving your time and expertise to the NHCC.

  2. This wouldn’t have been possible without Anita spearheading and putting it all together – great job! It was gratifying to work with Anita and Geoge and a group of cyclists who were interested and dedicated to learning how to ride safely, no matter how much experience they have. I enjoyed the experience!

  3. Anita, George and Maria, Thank you so much for offering this safety course, you all took time out of your busy schedule so that we could be safer riders on the rode. You always kept it interesting and fun. We learned so much each week and looked forward to what was in store for us the following week. I feel so much more confident riding on the road, but especially when approaching and going through an intersection. Everyone I talked to felt the same way.

    Thank you again and happy safe riding to all.

  4. Thanks Anita, Maria and George! It was a great course and we feel a lot more confident riding in traffic. It sure makes us aware of what is going on around us.
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and taking the time to present the course to us!

  5. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to present this information to such a fantastic group! Of course it’s always great being able to work with Anita and Maria! Always remember- MVPC:)

  6. I couldn’t agree more that cycling safety is a must! In my opinion, this sounds like a great experience and class for any rider/non rider to take. Hopefully, I can find something similar in my area! Thanks for sharing!

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