EASY RIDE: Wednesday June 6, 7:00pm

For this ride we will start from a new location that we’ve never started from before. The route will provide a little in-town riding as well as take us north up to those lovely Northumberland Hills that we all love. But don’t worry, we’ll only take the easy roads.

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: Cobourg Memorial Rink and Recreation Centre

Ride Leader: To be determined
Route: To be determined

Please comment below to say you’re coming to the Wednesday ride.

Lights for “Seeing” and lights to “Be Seen” We talked about the difference at last night’s ride,  then this morning after checking the Mountain Equipment Co-op site this morning I noticed an great deal on a Light & Motion Stella 300 for $149 (37% off) headlight. You can ride in total darkness and light up the whole lane with this baby. MEC is a great source for bike accessories and they offer free shipping on this item.

There are also “Planet Bike” Front lights (to be seen) and “Planet Bike” Rear lights both for $8.25  each available at MEC. Their website indicates FREE SHIPPING till June 5 (today).


  1. It looks warm and sunny outside but it’s deceiving……there’s a whole mass of rain coming for 7:00 according to the radar. Keep your eye on things because if the radar is right we’re going to get washed out.

  2. 5:44pm From The Weather Office:—Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    “Conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms into early this evening. The main threat will be heavy downpours with slow moving or training storms. There may also be large hail and strong wind gusts associated.
    This is an alert to the potential development of severe thunderstorms with large hail, damaging winds or heavy rainfall..Monitor weather conditions and listen for updated bulletins.”

    I think that given the warnings and the lightning that I saw when I just drove to Port Hope and back, I’ll opt to stay indoors tonight.

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