EASY RIDE: Wednesday May 16, Donegan Park 7:00pm

The Monday ride was a lot of fun. More than 15 people came out and rode 20km. For some it was a “recovery ride” after riding really hard the previous day, and for others it was their first time out this year. In any case, the leisurely scenic pace of the ride allowed for lots of conversation and as always, our Monday/Wednesday evening rides are guaranteed slow and nobody ever gets left behind. We’ll do another one this Wednesday.

Ride Slow if you Want to Ride Fast
There’s a place in everyone’s training and exercise programs for some easy riding. If you don’t believe it, take a look at this article describing the benefits and the art of riding slow and how riding slow can make you ride faster http://bicycling.com/blogs/roadscholar/2012/04/05/the-art-of-riding-slow/.

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: Donegan Park
Ride Leader: To be determined
Route: To be determined by ride leader

Please comment below to say you’re coming!


  1. I’ll be there. And thanks Anita for the article about riding slow in order to ride fast. I’ve got the slow part down pat. As for the fast…???

  2. I’ll be there, and I’ll bring my friend Colleen with me (she wants to join the club too!)

  3. Its looking like I might not make it tonight, and if I am not there I hope someone will kindly lead the crowd…..its really not hard, honest!

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