Hiking & Biking this week!

Tuesday Night Hike:

Date: Tuesday December 5
Start time: 6pm
Start location: Park outside of Baltimore John’s on Cap Wilson Rd

Exploring Baltimore (Helmut says you’ll be amazed—that alone should be enough to make you come out!) After the hike we can go inside for some beer & wings & fries.  Btw, the wings there are fantastic. Flashlights will be required. 

Rouvy Thursday Ride:

Riding in Italy this week. And to make it super-awesome, it’s a nice flat ride. All are welcome. No worries about getting dropped—Rouvy performs magic to keep everyone together on the big screen so that it’s truly a group ride regardless of your individual pace & effort. Here are the details:

Date: Thursday December 7
Start time:
Route: “Lao di Garda” Italy
Distance: 27km
Average grade: 0%
Ascent: 95 ft
Max grade: 4%


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