HubBub Helmet Mirrors! Plus tips for solo riding during COVID19

HubBub Helmet Mirrors

Hey boys and girls, Randy has been in touch with Oshawa Cycling Club’s Richard Oldfield who is ordering Hub Bub Helmet Mirrors from the US for their members and has kindly extended the opportunity for NHCCers too! It’s a one-time pre-paid purchase (no returns) for just $30 CDN (contactless, e-transfer only) Available in grey, white and yellow, they attach to your helmet and are rigid and secure. Here’s how to get yours:

  • $30CDN E-transfer $30 to Randy by Sunday May 3, 9:00pm ( PREPAID orders only!
  • COLOR: The default colour will be grey unless you indicate a preference for white or yellow.
HubBub Helmet Mirror

Solo Riding during COVID19

With restrictions around group riding and the temporary suspension of our regular season, many are braving Solo Rides. In the interest of safety we have a few reminders to make your rides a little safer while on the road alone.

  • Wear bright, reflective clothing, the brighter the better! Solo riders are less visible on the road than groups. 
  • Have a red rear light on at all times (see point above!)
  • Carry a tire repair kit. Flats happen! Consider both a CO2 cartridge and also a manual pump for air.
  • Follow a route, carry a cell phone, and let someone know where you are going. To help you navigate, club members can cell phones to use the audio turn-by-turn navigation on routes from the NHCC route library on Ride with GPS. (note: routes can be downloaded for use without data!)
  • Use a rear-view mirror mounted to your helmet, glasses, or bike for added ability to see behind you.

How to use the Ride With GPS Club Account (NHCC Members only)

One benefit of NHCC membership is the turn-by-turn voice navigation available on any route from the Club’s Ride with GPS Route Library. If you are a current NHCC member, here are the instructions for how to use the feature!

If you are not yet a member, the good news is that all memberships purchased for 2020 will be valid for whatever this season may bring, PLUS extend all the way until the end of next year, 2021!


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