In case you missed it…onion rings and ice cream

We had a fabulous ride today! Perfect weather, not too warm, overcast, and a great group of people! We rode together, pausing at St. Annes to determine who will ride long, and who will take the express route back. Three went on to ice cream with a side of onion rings at the County Road Cafe in Centreton. We just couldn’t help ourselves… It felt like the perfect Sunday, and hey, the onion rings were fantastic! It was such fun all the way around! For those of you who haven’t been there, their food is super! And there are plenty of picnic tables to enjoy. The owner/operator was so appreciative that we stopped by, and thrilled to have us there! We have plenty more rides this coming week—check out the NHCC Ride Calendar for all the details.


  1. What a great ride and even better company! The icecream and onion rings put a smile on my face and I loved the route!

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