Friday February 2: Indian Food, then Ski or Hike

We are planning a Blue Moon Night Ski or Hike & Indian Food this Friday. Actually, for the technically correct crowd, it’s a Super Blue Blood Moon and it occurs on Wednesday, but heck….who’s keeping track. We’re going out at night time to either ski or hike, whatever the weather permits and at the moment it’s looking promising for a ski! But if you don’t have skis and just want to hike, that’s cool too. Richard and Leigh from Hastings have agreed to open their home as a meeting location and for those who want to place an order (optional) for Indian food from Grafton (that we hear is very tasty) and that we’ll pick up and bring it to Hastings for dinner at 6:00. If you are just looking to hike or ski only, meet us at 7:00.

Check out the menu, email us or leave a comment with your preferred choice and bring the $ with you on Friday. Easy!

Butter Chicken: $15 (+HST)
Kidney Beans: $15 (+HST)
Jeera Rice: $10 (+HST)
Chicken Tikka Masala: $15 (+HST)
Shahi Paneer: $15 (+HST)
Naan: $1 (+HST)
Samosas: $1.50 (+HST)

Start time (dinner): 6:00
Start time (hike-ski): 7:00
Start location: Email us at and we’ll send you the address
Coordinator: Maria Siemiaszko

RSVP: Leave a comment or email us at to let us know you are coming and if you want to pre-order Indian food. Food order must be in by Thursday Night!


  1. This sounds like a great evening. Please put in my dinner order for Chicken Tikka Masala + Naan + Samosas.

    Maria, thank you for organizing this.

  2. Count me in for this! And yes, thank you Maria for organizing.
    My order for dinner – butter chicken and naan please.

  3. Sounds like another fun night! I will be there. My order for dinner is Butter Chicken please. Thanks Maria for organizing another fun outing!

  4. Just to let everyone know, I am making up a big pot of basmati rice to go with your dinners. ☺ Since we don’t know exactly what the trail conditions will be tomorrow evening, if you bring along your snow shoes and hiking foot wear we’ll have all bases covered!

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