Looking for New Cycling Route Suggestions

Let’s talk routes. Got a route idea?

We’ve developed a few of our own already, and we tend to borrow heavily from the Ganaraska Freewheelers too, but we need some new route ideas for our Club rides.

If you have any suggestions, please send it to us. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just some written directions will do and we can take it from there. It doesn’t have to be all measured out either (the computer program will do that). Anything from 12km to 100km with a suggested start and finish point.

We’d be happy to have starting points anywhere around Northumberland County, they don’t have to start/finish in Cobourg.

Either email it in, or put it in the comments below and we’ll work to get them into our ride schedule!


  1. A 50kl ride starting in Warkworth at the cemetry on County rd #29.
    The route takes us south down Counry rd #25 which intersects with #29 all the way to Castleton, then we go west along #22 to Centreton where we turn north and take #23 to #29.
    At #29 we turn east and go all the way back to Walkworth.
    At the end there is a nice little coffee shop on the main street.
    Another ride would start at Donegan park and go out along Hwy #2 to Archers rd where we turn south to Lakeshore.We would ride east along there to Wicklow beach rd then go North to Hwy#2, where we would turn east for a very short distance and then turn North on Vernonville rd.We would then turn east at Dudley road and ride all the way to County road #25 behind the Big Apple,At stop here could be optional.We would then turn south on # 25 and ride down into Colborne and onto Onraio St which leads onto Lakeport Rd.
    From here we carry on along lakeport Rd and onto Lakeshore back up to Archers Rd and back along #2.Distance is about 55kl.
    Another ride would start at the Mill and go along #2 Hwy all the way to Port Hope continuing up Walton St and out along Lakeshore Rd and through Port Brittain to Wesleyville Rd.At this point we turn North and go over Hwy 401 to Hwy #2.We crossover # 2 and proceed north to the 4th line where we turn East and go to County Rd 10.At this point we turn North and go to the 5th Line.
    From here we ride all the way to #28 crossing over it and continuing on to Jibb Rd where we go south and then turn east onto Kennedy then right to Burnham St.We then turn south and go to Smylie road proceeding to Cornish Hollow where we ride south to Dale Rd.We then make a quick right and then left coming back down Ontario St finsishing at the Mill. Distance about 60kl

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