Membership, Riding and Insurance in the NHCC

Hey there folks. Yeah, we know it’s a boring matter, but one that we’ve had a few questions about lately. Insurance. So we’d like to take a moment to share with you what the Club and OCA policies are.

ALL riders must be OCA insured by the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA). If non-members join in for a ride and are un-insured, it places the entire Club insurance at risk of having their Club insurance policy permanently revoked.

Guest Rider Policy
If a rider is OCA insured through another club and wishes to participate in a NHCC ride as a guest, the club policy for 2012 will be to allow 3 rides per year. New for this year: we’ll be asking guest riders for a $5 fee per ride. (Just keepin it fair for club members).

Tryout Days for members of the public.
The OCA has established a Tryout program for clubs, allowing clubs an opportunity for non-members* to ride before committing to joining the club. This program allows clubs to recruit new members without the previous insurance burden. These Tryout Days must be approved in advance with the OCA and necessary paperwork submitted.

*The OCA rules state that it is only for people who have never been OCA insured before, and is for one single ride only.

To join the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club: If a rider wishes to ride with the club and has filled out the necessary membership form and waiver, feel free to bring them along with your payment to the beginning of a ride and hand them to an executive member.

Download 2012 MemberApplication
Download OCA Waiver Form

That’s about it! No more boring stuff for you. 🙂

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