Mid-season Membership Survey—your responses determine the direction of the NHCC!

With the cycling season at the half-way point, it’s time for an anonymous Mid-season Members Survey. Our fantastic team of volunteers work tirelessly to steer the club in the right direction but we also welcome opportunities for improvement.  That’s where you come in—we want your constructive input too, so let’s all pitch in and fill out this quick little survey! It’s just 10 questions and honestly, you can complete it faster than you can ride that bike of yours around the block! 

What do we do with the results?

We look at each and every survey to explore how we can best respond to your suggestions. We’ll implement as much as possible for the second half of our 2021 cycling season, to bring you even more grooviness!. 

It’s Anonymous—That’s because we anticipate that some might be a little shy. We have no way of tracking you down! Click here to take the Survey!

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