Monday Evening “Maintenance Workshop & a Ride”

We will be offering three Workshop & Ride nights (Monday evenings) starting next week. These are designed for any member who might want to learn some basic bike maintenance and then go for an hour long rider afterward to practice some on-road skills for riding safely in a group.  Experienced members are encouraged to come on out and help! 

Week 1: Changing a flat tire
Week 2: How to lube your drivetrain
Week 3: Learning about different types of bikes, and adjusting the fit of your bike

Find all of the details (start time, location, etc), and RSVP on the Club’s Ride Calendar.

How to RSVP to a ride:

  1. View the NHCC Ride Calendar.
  2. While viewing the NHCC Club Calendar, click on the Ride you wish to participate in. The information will pop up and you should see an RSVP button that you can click. It’s that simple! Alternatively, leave a comment here on the website, we’ll count you in!

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