More Rides for this coming week! Go fast, or go slow…choose your ride!

We have added two more rides to this week’s calendar (Tuesday is a busy day!).  In addition to the previously announced rides that can all be found on the Club Ride Calendar, we have just added the following:

Presqu’ile and Murray Canal (Tuesday June 22, Morning)
For the EASY riders in the NHCC, we have the Presqu’ile – Murray Canal ride. It’s flat and it’s easy! We would start off from the harbour at the end of Ontario St. in Brighton and ride through the Park for the level one’s. (16 km) . Those wishing for a little more distance can carry on to the Murray Canal and back. (another 16 km—for a total of 32)

Date/Time: Tuesday June 22, 10:00am
Ride Planner: Dennis Benson
Terrain: A
Pace: Leisurely – Speeds approximately 18-22 kph
Type of ride: Group
Start location: Ontario St. Dock, in Brighton (Near Presqu’ile Park)

South Shore of Rice Lake (Tuesday June 22, Morning)
An interesting ride along the south shore of Rice Lake and ride through the three towns. Lovely countryside along the way. Good way to build up some kilometres and climbs. This will be a “Regroup Ride”, meaning we might spread out, and regroup at specific points along the way. This route can be shortened as needed.

Date/Time: Tuesday June 22, 10:00am
Ride Planner: Helmut Bock
Terrain: C
Pace: Moderate, approx 20-23 kph
Type of ride: Regroup
Start location: Balls Mill Conservation Area Parking lot

How to RSVPOkay folks, this is important! Ride Planners need to know how many to anticipate so that they can arrange additional ride leaders if needed.  Also, just as importantly, other club members like to hear about others who will be riding  so they know they won’t be alone! Please leave a comment right here on the website, to let others know that you plan to ride and which ride you want to participate in!

Find all the Week’s rides and the details: Rides get posted on the Club’s Ride Calendar first.  After that, we post a message on the website announcing those rides.  The Club Ride Calendar can always be found on the NHCC website!  


  1. Correction – I will join the Presqu’ile and Murray Canal ride NOT the Rice Lake ride. Thanks, Kate

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