NEW: The NHCC will use the “CycleClub” app starting next week

Important for Active Members: For the remainder of 2021, if you are planning to Ride or participate in off-season activities: Starting the week of September 6th the NHCC will change the way that rides and other events are announced as well as the way you respond to say you will come to an event.   We will be using a software solution called Cycle Club. The Cycle Club app is available for your mobile phone, or if you don’t have a cell phone you can access it via your computer.  We tested it out and really like! We think you will too! It’s super user-friendly to use and has the following features:

  • RSVPing to rides a snap (and un-RSVPing too!)
  • See who else is riding
  • Each ride has a Discussion section where members can leave messages for others to see
  • Access the route map (if applicable)
  • Get notifications right in the app about ride cancellations and more

Get ready for Cycle Club!

  1. Download the Cycle Club App: Cycle Club App is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Alternatively, you may use Cycle Club App via web browser here.
  2. Sign up, or Sign in: If you’re new to Cycle Club App, follow the steps to sign up and create your Cycle Club App profile. Remember to use the same email as you did to register for your specific cycling club. If you have an existing account, just sign in!
  3. Search for the NHCC: Click the “+” sign to search for the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club
  4. Once you are granted access to the Club you can view and attend events, read announcements, and more!

Tech help is here! It’s really easy to get started, but in the unlikely event that you need a little help, feel free to contact Anita who will get you set-up fast! Contact

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  1. Cycle Club App, when I registered, does not have me as a member in NHCC. Would you be so kind and include me in the members list. Many thanks, Petra

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