NHCC Activities for the week of Monday June 3 to Sunday June 9

We have more than our regular road rides in store. This week you can look for a morning hike (yeah, that’s right, a hike!) at Hazel Bird Sanctuary on Wednesday.  It’s a great opportunity to mingle with folks from the other Levels without having to try and keep the pace on your bike. And Friday there’s some evening mountain biking for the adventurous ones.

Of course there are the regular road rides, and some are heading out of town for some new & interesting scenery.  On Thursday, Level 2s are exploring the Millennium Trail that’s nice & flat and off-road. Level 4s are going for an evening shorty ride then some social time afterward. On Sunday the Level 1s are starting in Whitby and are planning on visiting the lovely Waterfront Trail, which arguably is the best section—it will feel like a little day-vacation! Level 3s will start up at Beavermead Park and do a lovely route with less-than-average elevation and a coffee & ice cream stop. Meanwhile, the Level 4s will start in Newcastle where Miche has a fantastic route planned.  

The Quick Facts: Upcoming Activities (June 3rd to June 9th)

Tuesday June 4th: Evening Ride, 6:00pm
Level 1 Start location: 100 Keewatin Dr, Grafton
Level 2 Start location: King’s Field at 28 Victoria St S. in Port Hope
Level 3 Start location: Cobourg Community Centre, 750 D’Arcy Street
(6:15 start time) Level 4 Start location: Balls Mill Conservation area parking lot, 2971 Regional Rd 15, Baltimore

Wednesday June 5th: Morning HIKE, 10:00am
Start location: Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, 9636 Beavermeadow Rd E, Baltimore

Thursday June 6th: Morning Ride, 10:00am
Level 1 Start location: Baltimore Recreation Centre, 23 Community Centre Rd, Baltimore
Level 2 Start location: Millennium Trail Parking Lot near Salem Road (link to the Parking lot here)

Level 3 Start location: Westwood Park, 655 Carlisle Str. Cobourg

Thursday June 6th: Evening Ride, 6:15pm
Level 4 Start location: Near 104 Victor Road, Roseneath

Friday June 7th: Evening Mountain Biking, 6:15pm
Level 3/4 Start location: Beagle Club Trail Head, 101 Beagle Club Rd, Harwood

Sunday June 9th: Morning Ride, 10am
Level 1 Start location: Waterfront Trail Parking lot (Whitby), 249 Water Street
Level 2 Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena in Furnace St 
Level 3 Start location: Beavermead Park, 2011 Ashburnham Dr, Peterborough
(9:00 start time) Level 4 Start location: Waterfront Trail parking lot (Newcastle) at the foot of Toronto St.

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