Northumberland Welcome Cyclists Weekends (September & October)

On two separate weekends, one in September and the other in October, the NHCC will be leading rides through Northumberland County as part of two Welcome Cyclists Tour Packages being offered in our beautiful region of Northumberland County.

Tour guests will arrive at Cobourg VIA Rail Station 1pm Saturday then members of the NHCC will lead them through scenic Northumberland trails and quiet roadways, having fun enroute to their destination and overnight Rice Lake accommodations. (Guests return to Cobourg independently the next day).

It will be a fun day of riding, meeting new people, and showcasing a few of the fabulous cycling routes that our region offers. More information about the tour packages can be found by clicking the following links:

Northumberland Rice Lake Ramble Welcome Cyclists Weekend (September 15th)

Northumberland Waterfront Trail Welcome Cyclists Weekend (October 13th)

Please mark your calendars and plan to ride on each of these Saturdays. We will ride, rain or shine!

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