Potential 74k ride this Sunday June 6th

Stay tuned for details about a possible 74k ride this coming Sunday (weather permitting, as always) with a lunch stop at the restaurant in Harwood that is across the street from the Harwood store. The route and restaurant facilities have yet to be confirmed, but if you’d like to take a look at the map and start thinking ahead, here is the link. 74k Rice Lake Ramble Map with lunch break in Harwood.

If anyone prefers less distance, please comment below and perhaps we can form a shorter length group that would certainly be welcome to participate for a portion of the ride.

If you think you are going to join in for lunch, please make mention of it below so that we can give advance notice to the restaurant.


  1. Hello Fellow Cyclers
    It was a great ride Sunday May 30, great company and weather!! Harold and I will be going on the long ride and for lunch on June 6. Thank you for organizing!

    • It is 8am on the morning of Sunday June 6th. Currently it is 10 deg C and raining…….. Anita and I are wondering if anyone still plans on riding today? The forecast is not so hot with a 90% chance of rain this morning and afternoon.
      We will be watching the skies closely over the next couple of hours………

      • It seems to have stopped raining now, at 9:45, if things dry up in the next 1-2 hours Harold and Vivian would still be up for ride, anyone else?

  2. June 6th ride

    That is also the same day as the Ride for Heart ride starting from Rosemore. I am sure all the info was passed onto the riders. A 10, 20 and 50 K routes with a BBQ after. Will try to forward info as Sue put out the information I sent to the Freewheelers.

  3. I plan to ride to Harwood for lunch.I am just back from Victoria BC . Does the ride start from Donegal Park @ 10 on Sunday ? Please advise.


  4. June 6th ride
    Ride the Don Vally parkway and Guardiner for Cycle for Heart
    The ride that starts at the CNE goes along the Guardiner north on the DVP and back south to the CNE. 25 K , 50 K and 75 K routes . The Guardiner and DVP will be closed to ALL traffic but bicycles
    last year the ride was attended by 13,000 riders . For details google Cycle for Heart Toronto.
    I will be at the Belleville ride this year but a few of us have tallked of being ready for the 2011 ride in Toronto . 13,000 bikes will be a sight to see a once in a life time ride.

  5. Weather is not looking so good

    At the risk of sounding like a couple of fair weather riders, Anita and I have decided to stay warm and dry today. It is 9am and still cold and raining. We were really looking forward to the ride but will have to pass today.
    Have a great Sunday folks and we hope to see you soon.

  6. Well, we did say “weather permitting” and it is most definitely NOT permitting, so I think we’ll be re-scheduling. I can’t imagine anybody is anxious to tackle this weather today.

    • This is a great 74 km route and I was quite upset when the day turned out to be so lousy. How about we do this ride next Sunday (June 13th)? I would be happy to bring maps along for everyone.

      • I will be waking up in Niagara Falls but will try to leave early enough to make this ride. Lets hope for better weather this weekend!

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