Pre-season Gravel Ride: Sunday at 2pm

Looks like a nice day for a gravel ride. We’ll start at Hazel Bird sanctuary and do the gravel roads and trails in the area, starting easy and building from there. “Level 3+” means there are some hills, and you can expect a little challenge as is typical in most gravel rides. Gravel or mountain bikes are best suited for this type of ride.

Date: Sunday April 10, 2022,
Time: 2pm-4pm
Start location: Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, 9636 Beavermeadow Rd. E, Baltimore
Ride Planner: Helmut Bock
Level of difficulty: 3+

RSVP required: Please use your Cycle Club account (you’ll need to register for one, if you haven’t already) to RSVP and let Helmut know you plan to ride. 


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