Pre-Season Ride: for all Levels, 1:00 at Donegan Park

Tomorrow we’ve got some nice temperatures in the forecast so we seize the moment again (hoping rain stays away), and do a pre-season ride from Donegan Park.  There is no particular route planned. The goal is twofold—1. to get our legs moving again, and 2. to get out bums comfortable in the saddle (more on that in a sec). We’ll have something for everyone! We’ll divide up into groupings of similar ability, with the more experienced heading out into the countryside, and the newest riders sticking together locally, while some of the new Ride Leaders will head out for their own training session. 

What about that sore bum thing?
Here’s the deal—your bum will probably be a little tender after the ride and it’s common.  Even the most experienced will tell you that it takes 3-5 rides at the beginning of the season before that tenderness magically disappears, regardless of your saddle shape and its rigidity. It’s all about time spent on your bike.  Get out on a few pre-season rides and by the time May comes around it will resolve itself!

Date: Tuesday April 12
Time: 1pm
Start location: Donegan Park, 25 D’Arcy St. Cobourg’
Ride Planner(s): Anita, Randy, Dennis

RSVP: Please use your Cycle Club Account to indicate that you’ll ride.  If you plan to ride as a guest, please bring a guest waiver with you (available on the NHCC website).


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