Pre-Season Ride Sunday April 28th: Spring is here!

NHCCrideFinally, the weather man empathizes with our cold weather woes and provides us with sunshine and 17° this Sunday. Our “official” season hasn’t started yet, but we’re heading our for a pre-season ride. We’ve got a 100k coming up next month on the May long weekend, so a few of us are anxious to get ourselves moving!

We’ll meet at Carlisle Park where we’ll head our for an easy 17k (Loop A) and for those who want to give it some more cuz your legs are feeling fine, after returning to the park we’ll take off again for a little hill-age and distance—45k more!

Date: Sunday, April 28th 2013
Time: 10:00am
Start Location: The park on Carlisle St. between Ewing and Westwood
Ride Difficulty: Loop A (Level 2), Loop B (Level 3 or 4)
Route Maps: Part-A-17k and Part-B-45k route maps and elevations

New this year! Elevation Charts on our route maps
Check out a route map and you’ll see that we now have elevation charts on the first page. It’ll help you visualize those hills. But don’t be deceived by what looks like a big hill on the 17k route—the maximum elevation is only about 116m which is basically pretty flat. The 45k route on the other hand has a max elevation of about twice that.

Non-members (Guests): Membership in the NHCC means you can ride all you want. But if you aren’t quite sure about joining and want to give it a try, Guest riders (non-members) can ride with us too! Non-members may ride with the NHCC up to three times before a full membership is required. Prior to each ride, guests must sign a guest waiver and pay a $5 per-ride fee which gets credited toward a full membership. Guest waivers here.

Got a comment, suggestion, or just want to let others know you’re coming out to ride? Leave a reply in our comments section to get your two cents in!


  1. Can’t be there. Studio Tour weekend. Hey, maybe you could all ride out to my place, take a look at some art, refill your water bottles and/or use the facilities if you need to and then head out again! Just a thought…it would be my way of seeing you all when I can’t ride with you. Have fun.

  2. Would love to ride, unless my schedule changes or someone does a serious rain dance I am planning on enjoying the ride!

  3. I will try and do just the short ride of this – unfortunately I have to go to Guelph that day otherwise I’d be in for the full ride!!

  4. Been outside……and it’s perfectly awesome! Gonna wear SHORTS! Yeaaaaah! Randy’s riding too, by the way. We’ll see you at 10!

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