Ride For Heart: Let’s show our support

James Barnes, Ride for HeartJamie Barnes will be undertaking the Ride for Heart on June 3rd, 2012. It’s a really awesome epic ride down the Don Valley Parkway and along the Gardiner Expressway, all for a great cause. The course is 75km, but Jamie is planning on working hard for your support—He’s going to ride the course twice for a total of 150km!

His fundraising goal is $1,000. Every donation helps. We’ve got 52 club members—let’s show him how much the NHCC appreciates all that he’s doing for this great cause and see if we can’t help him realize his goal. Every donation brings him one step closer.

Good luck Jamie! Please Donate, Click here!

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  1. Just checked, and he’s up to a little over $500 in donations so far. 50 x 10 = $500 Hey! if 50 club members donate just $10 each, he’ll be there in no time. Way cool!

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