Ride: Sunday June 3: 56km from the Mill (10am)

It’s the “Butter Tart Run” ride this Sunday. 56k in total, but if you really don’t want one of those yummy butter tarts, you could cut it short and just go an easy 17k. (But do you really want to miss out?) The Harwood store is our ultimate destination enroute, and you can also re-load your water bottles down near the waterfront. This is a fun ride, not to extremely terribly difficult, despite the hills that we just can’t avoid.

We will try the same 3-group approach that we’ve been trying lately: Scenic/Leisurely Group, the Regular Group, and the Non-stop Group.

Please print out the route map and bring it with you if you are planning to ride.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The Mill Parking lot.
Route map and directions: The “Butter Tart Run” 56 km route map here

Please comment below if you are coming, and maybe even indicate which group you might want to try riding with.


  1. I’m in for the full 56km (and as many butter tarts as folks who’ve done this before feel is advisable). Not sure about grouping but regular sounds about right.

    • James M, It was so great to see you out last Sunday….keep coming out!!! And get some electrolyte chews:)))

    • and if it’s pouring rain I think we should head out for a big greasy breakfast somewhere.. (no offence to heart & stroke fundraisers !)

      • Hahahaha!! If it is raining out we will wish we were having a big greasy breakfast with ya!! Fingers crossed for no rain:)

        • No such thing as a bad ride… some are just a little better than others.
          The rain will just make our ride more memorable. Greasy Breakfast you will only remember the rest of the day. (Burp)

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