Ride: Thursday, July 21: “Tour de Baltimore”

Since the Tour de France is underway, we’ll call this one the “Tour de Baltimore”. It’s a 43.3km route with an option for making it 35.5km. Either route will take in much of the scenery and make for a pleasant ride on those beautiful roads that seem to surround Baltimore.

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant in Cobourg
Route map and directions: “Tour de Baltimore” route map here

Ride Leader: Vivian VandenHazel

Please comment below if you are coming so that the ride leader can plan accordingly.


    • If you’re talking about the section going over the 401, I agree. This is one of the most dangerous areas for cyclists. Unless you drop down into town, there isn’t an easy way to get across 45 above the 401. Effectively, there is only one safe route north out of Cobourg – and that is Ontario St. It’s just sometimes difficult to get to from the east!

  1. It’s gonna be a hot one! So hot in fact, that I’d like to suggest a route change and head out to Colborne via Wicklow beach…..it’s flat, not hilly, we can create our own breeze by riding fast, and best of all we can re-load with some ice cold drinks from the Colborne store. What do you all think?

  2. I just drove along Speechly Road (seeing if I thought I could handle this route for joining your group Sunday)- they are in midst of laying a thick coat of fresh gravel there and along Scots Line. The person I spoke to said it wouldn’t be repaved for a month. don’t know if this affects your choice for tonight at all.

  3. 12:00 noon: We just finished the ride and indeed Speechly Road is not at all suitable for cycling. We went through it nonetheless and it was unpleasant and our bikes as well as ourselves were covered in mud as a result. We discussed a few detours for Sunday, so we can avoid it.

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