Ride: Thursday July 28th: “Butter Tart Run” 9am

56km and it’s going to be a hot one, so fill up your bottles with lots of ice. We’ll also re-fill water bottles at the spring in Harwood. If you plan to do a shorter distance, please review the map and make an independent plan accordingly.

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant parking lot
Route map and directions: Butter Tart Run Route Map Here

Ride Leader: Paul Mills

Please comment below if you are coming.


  1. I plan to ride. Anne, you can have all the butter tarts if you get there first, and I’ll have the cherry cheese danishes!

  2. I plan to ride. I’m ordering a dozen butter tarts so if you want one you’ll need to get there before me.

        • Oh no, not fun. That frees up all the butter tarts though since you’d probably get there first! Watching the sky right now and not sure if we’re going to get rained on or not. Good luck with your car!

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