Ride: Thursday May 10: Donegan Park: (10am)

This Thursday is simple. The planned route is about 37km, but that doesn’t mean you are obligated nor limited. We ride out along the Waterfront Trail as far as we want, then turn around and come back. How simple is that? And it’s easy riding! No real hills to speak of. You make the ride as long or short as you want.

Please print out the route map and bring it with you if you are planning to ride.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route map and directions: Wicklow Beach and Back route map

Please comment below if you are coming, and also what sort of distance you might be thinking of. It helps others to plan ahead, especially if you’re looking to go all the way to Presqu’ile Park and back.

Just sayin……


  1. I’ll be there but may be interested in going on to Colborne or Brighton if the weather is as nice as the forecast

  2. Short ride? No hills? Sounds good to me. And no, I won’t be going on to Brighton or Kingston or anywhere far. I’ll just puddle along and do a short ride. 37km is about my max.

  3. Whoo-Hoo! I did it!!! Thanks for all the help and good advice! Great ride (except for the wind!!!)

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