Rides for the week of: Monday June 19 to Sunday June 25

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic week—lots of sunshine and warm temperatures to make up for the past few weeks. This coming Sunday all the Levels (1-4) are going to start near Consecon and experience the Millennium Trail. Everyone’s going to pass by a winery or two, so feel free to talk your Ride Leader into a winery visit! In addition to the usual rides, there’s Helmut’s mountain bike ride on Friday night and a possible gravel ride with Paul on Saturday morning too if there’s enough interest. Please, always note your start times because they may vary!

The Quick Facts: Upcoming Rides (June 19th to June 25th)

More details about all the rides are found in your Cycle Club account Events page.

Tuesday June 20th: Evening Ride

Level 1 (Start time: 6:00pm): 
Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St., Cobourg

Level 2 (Start time: 6:00pm): 
Start location: Diamond Head Industrial Mall Inc, 210 Willmott St, Cobourg

Level 3/4 (Start time: 6:30pm): 
Start location:Beagle Club Trail Head, 101 Beagle Club Rd, Harwood

Thursday June 22nd: Morning Ride

Level 1 (Start time: 9:00am): 
Start location: King’s Field Park at 28 Victoria St., South, Port Hope

Level 2 (Start time: 9:00am): 
Start location:Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St., Cobourg

Level 3/4 (Start time: 10:00am): 
Start location: Sylvan Glen, 3634 Sylvan Glen Rd, Port Hope

Thursday June 22nd: EVENING Ride

Level 3/4 (only)  (Start time: 6:30pm): 
Start location: Memorial Arena in Grafton, 10766 County Rd 2, Grafton

Friday June 23rd: EVENING Mountain Biking

Level 3/4 (only) (Start time: 6:30 pm)
Start location: Woodland Trailhead (Northumberland Forest): Intersection of Hwy 45 and Woodland Rd., (a few kms north of Beagle Club Rd.)

Saturday June 24th: Morning Gravel Ride

Level 3/4 (only) (Start time: 9:00am)
Start location: McDonald Trailhead, Northumberland County Forest, 507 McDonald Rd, Grafton (about 2Km north of Centreton Road)

Sunday June 25th: Morning Ride

All Levels, 1-4 (Start time: 10:00am): 
Start location: “Millennium Trail Parking Lot” on Salem Road just east of Hwy 33 in Consecon

Members only: Please let ride leaders know you are in, using your Cycle Club Account.  
Guests: Those wishing to ride as our guest may leave a comment on the website to let us know you are coming. Please bring a signed Guest Waiver with you (available in the right-hand column of our website)

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