Rides for the Week of: Monday, May 15th to Sunday, May 21st

Okay, so we aren’t really sure where the sunshiny warm weather has gone, but it makes for some great riding temperatures. In addition to our Regular Season rides this Helmut is taking a group out for Friday Night Mountain Biking (it will surely be an adventure!).

Members: Please let ride leaders know you are in, using your Cycle Club Account.  
Guests: Those wishing to ride as our guest may leave a comment on the website to let us know you are coming. Please bring a signed Guest Waiver with you (available in the right-hand column of our website)

The Quick Facts: Upcoming Rides (May 15th to May 21st)

More details about all the rides are found in your Cycle Club account Events page.

Tuesday May 16th: Evening Ride, 6:00pm

Level 1: 
Start location: Cobourg Public Library, 200 Ontario St., Cobourg

Level 2: 
Start location: King’s Field Park at 28 Victoria St., South, Port Hope

Level 3/4:
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Offices, 8285 Majestic Hills Dr,

Thursday May 18th: Morning Ride, 10am

Level 1: 
Start location: Westwood Park, 665 Carlisle St., Cobourg

Level 2:
Start location:King’s Field Park at 28 Victoria St., South, Port Hope

Level 3/4:
Start location: Bond Head Parkette, at 5 Boulton St., in Newcastle

Thursday May 18th: EVENING Ride, 6pm

Level 3/4 (only):
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Offices, 8285 Majestic Hills Dr.

Friday May 19th: Mountain Biking, 6pm

Level 3/4 (only):
Start location:  Beagle Club Trailhead, Northumberland Forest

Sunday May 20th: Morning Ride, 10am

Levels: (1, and 3 & 4 only)
Start location:  Brighton Public Boat Launch at 162 Harbour Street, Brighton

Level 2: Morning ride, 10am
Start location:  Parking lot at St. Mary’s Church in Grafton, 103 Lyle St., South, Grafton

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