Saturday, July 15th: Joint Ride with the Ganaraska Freewheelers

This season we will have two rides with another local cycling club, the Ganaraska Freewheelers. On Saturday we are having the first joint ride and are offering two routes. We will all meet in Hastings, and then set out on your ride of choice.

Option 1: The Lang Hastings Trail which is suitable for all levels – head out at the speed you want for whatever distance you’d like then head back the same way.

Option 2: A road ride to the Stoney Lake Market in Crowes Landing and back on the same route. This ride is Level 3 or 4 .

For those who want a little ice cream to fuel the ride, there are opportunities for that on both routes. If anyone wants to go out for a drink, bite to eat, and socializing afterwards, there are some choices for that in Hastings and we can discuss that before the ride.

Date: Saturday, July 15th
Start Time: 10:00
Meeting Location: parking lot beside Banjos ( public washroom facilities are available)

Route (Option 1):
Suitable for all levels, (crushed limestone path) : Lang Hastings Trail (distance is your choice)

  • Start at parking lot at 3 Bridge Street South
  • Head north over bridge
  • Turn left at the lights (Front Street West)
  • Turn left onto Park Lane (you have travelled 1.9km so far and you are very close to the trail now)
  • Turn left onto River Road
  • Turn left onto Asphodel 7th Line
  • The trail in on your right
  • Ride however far you would like (FYI-33km to get to Peterborough) then turn around and come back the same way

NOTE: when you return, make sure you turn left off the trail at Asphodel 7th Line. If you keep going you will come to the river with the open swing bridge so will have to turn around again and get to Asphodel 7th Line. This is not far and no big deal if you miss the turn the first time

Route (Option 2):
Level 3,4 : 66km (or you can turn around early

  • Start at 3 Bridge Street South
  • Head north over bridge to stop sign (Albert Street/Hwy 45) – turn right
  • Follow 45 into Norwood at which point 45 turns into 40 once you cross Hwy 7
  • Follow 40 until you get to the lake (Stoney Lake Market)
  • Turn around and follow 40 then 45 back to parking lot

Ride Organizer for NHCC: Maria Siemiaszko

Please let us know you are coming and what type of ride you are interested in


    • Hello Maria:
      I am thinking about joining you on the ride to the Stoney Lake Market; however, I am wondering about the traffic on County Roads 45 and 40. In particular, I know 45 can be busy on the weekends. Does this section have a paved cycling shoulder. I have never been on 40 – is it safe for riding on a Saturday?

      • 45 does not have a paved shoulder but we rode it on a Saturday preclviously and it was fine. 40 is a quiet road.

  1. I will be coming and probably trying to stay with the level 3 – 4 group to Crowes Landing (never been there). Is the parking lot beside Banjos or the one across from the minimall where they sometimes have market vendors?

  2. Hubby, Richard will ride the trail out and back. Any kind of basic map would be great just to show how the trail relates to the general area.

  3. Richard will bring some extra maps and hopefully make it to the Lang Pioneer Village for coffee as we did a couple of years ago.

    • Thanks Irene. I am having trouble creating the maps so of anyone wants and overview they can look at Richard’s maps. There are also good maps and signage along the trail now and every crossroad is indicated .

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