Saturday Oct. 9 (Anyone want to ride? Donegan Park 10:00am?)

Saturday, not Sunday! The weather looks simply awesome for Saturday. (Sunny and 17C) Even though some of us are going to be stuffing turkeys and feasting on other such fabulous fare, perhaps there may be a few people interested in taking advantage of the weather and heading out?


  1. I just can’t imagine missing out on such wonderful riding weather, since there’ll be so few fabulous weekends left before the cold weather takes over, so I’m planning to be there, and perhaps Liam too. (Don’t know about Randy yet)

  2. Yes, there was confusion about the dates, since I posted it when I was really tired. Saturday is the day! I’m thinking that more people will be doing the turkey thing on Sunday and therefore more might be more available to ride on Saturday.

    Sorry ’bout that confusion.

  3. I can do Saturday if the ride is only 2 hrs. Maybe take a short cut back or perhaps all going out on Saturday will be o.k. with 2 hrs. ( 30 to 45 km. route would do me}

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